I'm up to 1215 Bot reports for Zandalar farmers

I just can’t do it anymore. Skynet will always win. Just like I can’t find a 3060-3080 card for retail price in the last 4 months, Bots always win. I wish everyone the best in their bot crusades, but I have thrown in the towel. One day I hope it becomes CaptionCraft, until then, Good luck my fellow reporters.


Bots are going to win no matter what. I have seen more in Shadowlands than ever before.

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Well done, good and noble knight.

At this time I’m coming to the conclusion that nobody at Blizzard cares. I have this weird feeling that things behind the scenes there are getting so bad that Activision is going to step in and do something major. When you see people like Kaplan leaving (and I think the only reason Tom Chilton is still there is that he transferred to an “unnamed project” sometime ago) then there is a definite feeling of a major shuffle happening.

This is probably going to make people see me as the devil’s advocate, but I’m beginning to wonder if it might not be such a bad thing. With Blizzard’s development team making mistake after mistake perhaps it is time for a major reshuffle and building of the team behind the game. Let’s just say, I won’t be surprised if we see Big Changes happening over the next 12 months…


Sound like you have too much free time!
May i suggest a book: The Whisperer in Darkness by Howard Phillips Lovecraft

Blizzard doesn’t care enough to do anything about it. Alliance side LFG is about 70% ads for boosting services and no matter how many times I report they don’t go away. I can report 30, refresh, and there’s another 30 waiting for me. WoW has a massive bot issue and Blizzard literally isn’t doing ANYTHING to even attempt to stop it.

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It would a pretty easy fix. All Blizz needs to do is install a net to catch any post in Premade featuring certain words, eg WTS or a website address or discount or please visit or a whole bunch of other terms used by boosters. These would immediately be sent to a CS team who would eyeball them, delete them and ban the account posting them. Obviously they’d need to upgrade their net from time to time but with the added assistance of people reporting them, once people’s accounts started getting banned you might find the amount of boosting would drop.

And the same thing for bot farming. There surely must be someway of their Warden software recognising bot software on a system and slapping a ban on the account.

I don’t actually think you’re wrong.

I actually think Activision injecting in one of their little puppet studios could actually do wonders and make some good gameplay changes. The part that depresses me is that it will come at a cost, and that cost will be that the game will be further optimized for monetization.

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Imagine Blizzard, but as a botting company, all they do all day long is figure out how to get around what Blizzard does. Blizz can come up with whatever they want and botters will come up with something new, it’s an endless game of cat and mouse :man_shrugging:

Well, it may not be. I don’t know a lot about it, but doesn’t Vacarious Visions work on a Diablo project? Is there monetization in that? As I say, I’m not familiar with that game but VV seem to have a fairly decent rep.

Rest now my brother, you have fought well.

Did you ever think that maybe its just really hard to detect bots? Everytime they find a new way to detect them, a new way to circumvent that will be out within a week or two and then they have to come up with a new way to detect that which will take a few months.

Another 200ish and you get a free set of steak knives!

I try to not overstress my brain, its getting old and making funny noises, I think its HDD may be wearing out. :sunglasses:

Daresay you are right. Then again, them software people at Blizzard are probably fairly clever too.

Imagine if they make it to only 10 characters and 1 realm at a time and if you want more you have to pay for more characters / realms like other games do. x.x

Remember that fishing bot that was non-script back in the day that went undetectable for like 2-3 expansions before Blizzard found a way to catch it. I knew people who used it for years before one day finally BOOM you’ve been banned. I warned them it was coming but those people had thousands of fish for free just AFK fishing while they were at work.

You are right Blizz does NOT CARE!!

This has been reported so many times.

They don’t care.

Your two month SUB they care about.

To report anything is waste of time.

We’re getting too off-topic. But it would never be this blatant. There are a bajillion ways to manipulate people and to engineer things for optimized monetization. These companies don’t pay very good money to these psychology PhDs for nothing.

Didn’t know they did that. That’s an interesting concept. Makes you wonder who else does things like this too. -strokes beard while looking at certain corporations- Very interesting indeed…