I'm tired of Soothing Mists. Bring back Fistweaving & Upwelling

Not enough is being done to keep Fistweaving a viable option in raid. I LOVED the playstyle we had going back in patch 10.0, please do something to enable that again. I normally hate casting Essence Font, but the interaction it had with the Thunder Tea & Upwelling, combined with some fistweaving, and it was a super fun high-mobility plastyle with good AoE healing.

I miss it.


dude. fistweaving is perfectly fine in heroic raid and even the first few mythic bosses. how about you actually run a raid before commenting on it? literally what is the point of this post?

you are literally claiming you’re “tired” of something you’ve never even done.

and ancient teachings being best for keys and clouded focus being best in raid just makes sense imo. i don’t know why people are so set on only playing one thing.


I hate soothing mists. Can’t say this enough. It feels terrible to use in a raid environment.


unqualified opinion

soom blows, people are allowed to state this if they want, the way mw is played or even going to be played is borderline degenerate.


we have two entirely different playstyles. one is far simpler than the other. the more complex playstyle that has actual skill expression, and pumps harder. AT build is perfectly fine for heroic raid and even some mythic bosses.

i’m sorry that you don’t get to do top tier HPS while mindlessly pumping your damage rotation.

not to mention AT/FLS build in mythics is exactly what you want, so there’s a whole content mode where the build you prefer is the right play.

i’m sure the tier set is going to be fixed to work with AT, there’s no way it isn’t.


It’d be nice if we could do the same kind of hps with a talent switch for pure hardcast vivifies.
SooM just isn’t really fun to play with.

as opposed to mindlessly pressing soom viv?


yes it is :slight_smile:

as far as healers go clouded focus monk is pretty intricate to perform great on imo

I think I speak for a lot of FW that the fact that it is so simple is not a good thing
We have lots of critique about FW being too simple dps wise lol

The kit has some great nuance already that they just need to expand on.
We have an amazing Rising Sun Kick reset mechanic that has an upper limit on how many you can string together consecutively. It would be really easy to make a mechanic centered around that. Then, if you just throw on a good melee cooldown for healing like what existed in the past, it would be in a pretty good state. For low healing you can just use RSK willy nilly and then for high healing you would want to bank up TFT and BOK so you can get a string of RSKs in a row and/or with your on use melee cooldown for healing.