I'm sure this topic as been beaten to death many times


But honestly I don’t see the point in war mode on. Maybe i’m just unlucky but where ever I got there is always like 3-4 alliance and 0 horde. I could just be very unlucky, i’ll take that but as of right now I will turn it off I think.

Also on a side note, when I do a dungeon no other horde have it on? That should be another indicator to me that it’s not balanced.


The point for me to have it on is conquest. Others may have it on to grind badges for items and others may have it on for the love of pvp.
It is hard mode for horde but I think it’s fun mode where it feels like I’m always the hunted.


I love the challenge…I had a Druid attack me while I was solo fighting a group quest.

I ended up killing him twice even with the mob attacking me…

(Percivall) #4

Or a paladin while you were in the middle of typing. That poor paladin didn’t expected the fury that was about to be unleashed. : D

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I remember back in 8.0, always feeling like a wal mart black Friday deal. Ah the good times lol. :joy:

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I don’t play the hypocrite in saying I keep it on for the welfare CQ, either faction. But every once in a while, a premade deathball would completely ruin what I’m really trying to do.


Not a Kmart Blue Light Special? Aww…

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All the Kmart’s are closed. :frowning:


Alliance has always been outnumbered until recently. I prefer the challenge.



There’s one still by me within an hour’s drive. Whew!


Sounds like turning it off would be a good idea for you then.


War mode is for world pvp :v

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What’s the point of fishing, archaeology, or pet battling?

Players do those for fun.
Yeah. I know. Shocking.

If something in game is fun, do it.
If it’s not, don’t do it.


Same here brother

(Kwizzlix) #15

I just have it on for the 10% bonus. Ill PVP sometimes, but let’s face it, 97% of PVP in warmode is getting ganked by 5 man groups anyway.