I'm new, need advice

Hello everyone!

I’m a new player basically and I’m playing as a Holy Paladin. All is going great but, this week I can’t push Mythic (+7 or more) because I can’t keep with the damage (Grievous).

Any advice?


Hi there fellow paladin!
Let’s take a look at your profile here.

Right. So. The very first thing I see is that you’re missing your legendary. Kyrian is a great pick. I do 20’s and I am Kyrian myself.

Shock Barrier is the way to go.

Second thing I see, is your Tier 1 talent - Bestow Faith. Trash. Go for Crusader’s Might. I would advise my talents tbh. Take a look.

Another thing about paladins that I learned the hard way, is it is impossible to play without some sort of raid healing addon. I use VuhDo.
All of my healing is mouse binded, and all of my attacks are 1-5.

I got:
Left Click → Holy Shock
Right Click → Word of Glory.
Side Mouse Button (4) → Blessing of Sacrifice.
Side Mouse Button (5) → Flash Heal
Middle Button → Holy Light
CTRL+LEFT Click → light of the martyr for spot healing.
SHIFT+RIGHT Click → Blessing of Protection.
SHIFT+LEFT Click → Hand of Freedom.
Shift+Middle Click → Lay on Hands.

My normal keybinds are 1-6 and QERTFGH.
Crusader 1
Divine Toll 2
Judgement 3
Consecration 4
Shock Q
Stun R
Self mitigation F
And some other ones. Muscle memory really. But all of them are taken.

Keep Beacon on tank.
Try to have glimmer on at least 3 targets at all times.

A really strong SINGLE GCD heal up is cast Flash of Light and INSTANT Martyr.

When you play, you have to keep attacking. Always use Consecration off Cooldown and always Crusder Strike. Try not to overcap. It could be a little scary to use Shield slam at first, so what you can do is when you are at 5 Holy Power and you got Shock ready and 1-2 Crusader Strike, feel free to use it then as you know that you can instantly get HP’s back if needed.

I also see you got some SoD gear. I would suggest get Absorb shard. It will simply reduce needed self healing. And can also get some damage ones in to boost your DPS output a little.

But as your ilvl, you should be doing about 1.5-1.8k overall dps at the very worst.

There is very little hard casting. Only at like “OMFG AAAAAA %^&” moments. Shock+WOG+Martyr should be sufficient, plus Flash+Martyr combo occasionally to top off tank. If you’re lacking holy power at some point, it can be faster to spam a few flash heals on tank to get HP’s in for WoG.

Paladin cooldowns are VERY powerful. I generally use wings quite freely unless I am expecting a soon-to-come pull be rough.

Holy Avenger is an INSANLY strong on demand cooldown. IMHO it’s much better than free WOG talent.

And most importantly, use ur Dtoll freely. It’s 1 minute cooldown. Super short. Can be used every pack. Can always use it on boss at the start as well.
Hope this helps just a little.

Remember, you must always be attacking. It is very easy to fall into the spree of casting and its really hard to recover from that. Feel free to use Shock as an attack during downtime on incoming damage.

Note - you can do LFR for shards. I would recommend you get Absord shard to max first. And then a damage shard. I found other ones to be quite trashy so I just use 252’s M+ gear.

Few screenshots

Get addon called “Decursive”.
It is LITTLE boxes that light up red/blue when you can clear debuffs. SUPER EASY. Super minimalistic. It’s amazing imho.

That’s just how I play. Others may have their own preferences on dispelling, attacking, healing etc. I got all 20/21s doen on both weeks, so my methods do work out :slight_smile:

Here is my vuhdo set up if interested. All spells and how they are binded.

Here is the profile export.

Edit 3:
Judgement of light healing is also really great. You can always use it on some thicc target (or priority target) for group to self heal. Try not to use it on near dead targets so charges won’t go to waste. But Judgement is like more important to me than x1 crusader strike. More value from 1 GCD imho.

Edit 4:
10+ keys for powers.
Fire one — Take Haste 12%. It’s really good.
Sog take 20% shield (same for everyone).
Frost one take movement speed for allies.
Executioner take Mana Orbs. You will never oom.


Wow, first of all… Thank you!

That’s a lot of valuable information, I’ll get the legendary first and get used to attack between heals.

Thanks again!

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It drops from a wing of Gast IIRC. Not sure if this is the right week to get it.
I’d aim to get 190 first, then strive 235 and only then for 262.
190/235 only require Soul Ash, and 262 also requires Soul Cinders which come from higher Torghast floors, hence harder to get.

But wings can be farmed for Ash now actually. So ignore my 190 comment. Just farm it, even solo, at like Floor 3 or smt till u get enough. It’s a mindless unfun grind, but really shouldnt take more than an hour.

And adapt to using your Sacrifice on tank frequently. I use “Tell Me When” addon to help me track the cooldown of all my blessings. (Can see it on screenshots)


Good information. I was going to try and play around with Vuhdo since I haven’t used it since TBCish. Your pastebin link is busted. I wanted to see how your functioning profile worked out. Can you reshare if you don’t mind?

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Honestly the best advice I can give besides playing and learning as you go, is to check out wingsisup.com and watch some streamers.

Imo if you’re playing kyrian, they have enough throughput healing they don’t need to play shock barrier legendary. Vanguards momentum is the go-to for kyrian if you’re trying to do more dps


Sorry if I’m asking so simple questions but… Where i can get those AddOns? I have to install them or something?


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Nah, no such thing as stupid questions!
There apps called addon managers. There are quite a few options. But I’ve always linked Curseforge the best. Been awhile since I last installed it, but should be pretty straight forward tbh.

What it does is basically manages them for you - like updates and you can easily install new ones and delete whatever you want. As addons keep updating for every patch, this app makes it easy.

Here is the list of addons I would personally advise you to download.
(Long post incoming. Its 1am, wife is at work, home alone, dog is sleeping and I had coffee an hour ago out of boredom.)

Once you install the app on your PC, probably need to like specify folder location or something of your WoW. You can hit on “Get More Addons” and check out most popular ones, or use the search bars.

Here is the list of my addons (most of them).

- Angry Keystonesfor M+ info display.
- AutoSellMyJunksells all grey items and repairs automatically at vendor.
- Bagnonaddon that merges all bags into 1 large one.
- DBM / SmallWings / Bigwingsthose are raid/dungeon encounter addons that basically announce abilities. Very least, get DBM.
- GTFO — !!!MUST!!! sound-only alerts when you stand in poop. Basically alarm noise telling you to move.
- Decursive - tiny set of boxes that light up red when you can remove a debuff.
- MikScrollingBattleText - side scrolling of all damage/healing done and taken.
- TomTom -– *addon used for "/way ** *" commands. You can often find those on like wowhead comment section. For navigation really.
- tullaRange!!!GOOD ONE!!! It makes your abilities on the bar red if you’re out of range. The whole icon goes red.
- VuhDohealing addon I use.
- WeakAura — !!!BIG ONE!!!
- Silver DragonCall out for rare mobs and what they drop while you’re out in the world.
- Raider IO!!!HUGE MUST!!! This is the ingame M+ scoring system. Yes, there is a Blizzard one, but everyone uses this. It’s like whole thing. Website register. Download client. Link B/net account on the website. Installs app on your PC you can keep running 24/7. Must have it.
- AzerPUG’s ToolTipsLittle addon that adds info to item ranks. Like how much it will cost to upgrade it, current rank. It just adds this info to item tooltip when you hover over it.
- Leatrix Plus — QoL addon.
- Advanced Interface Options — QoL addon.
- Better Wardrobe and Transmog — For more transmog options and set tracking.
- Bron Cena !!! HILARIOUS!!! – Whenever your Bron is summoned, plays John Cena theme song :smiley: Srsly, best addon ever.
- DeathSound — Plays funny sound when you die. There are like 5 of them that rotate. Kinda funny little thing to have. I love it.
- HandyNotesAddon that adds map markers. It’s good. Worth having it.
- I Hear You Whisper — Makes simple blimp noise when someone whispers you.
- LoseControlJust more visual on when someone is stunned, feared, etc.
- Mythic Dungeon ToolAddon used for M+ routes.
- OmniCCadds text to items, spell and abilities that are on cooldown to indicate when they will be ready to use. In other words: it turns all the standard analogue cooldowns into digital ones.
- OmniCDis an extra to track some party members cooldowns.
- QuartzModify casting bar.
- SexyMapMakes your minimap pretty. Can hide extra addon buttons. Change templates.
- DetailsAddon for seeing overall damage, healing, kicks, stuns etc. All the combat info.

Weak Aura addon is like a visual display/help. This how I see if I got active Beacon. Or if I am missing Kyrian potions. You can search for them on wago.io website. It’s legit.
Quick tutorial:

  1. Go to wago. Find the WeakAura you want. Click “Copy import strng”
  2. Ingame you type /wa for options.
  3. Hit “Import” and CTRL+V to paste the code. Hit “Import” on the pop up.
  4. Then you can move it around and there is also “Position Settings” piece where you can adjust its size.

It’s smart. Like, it won’t trigger Beacon of Light WA on your warrior. Or Kyrian Phial on a non-kyrian character.
I use the following on paladin (some of them):

  1. Tracking Beacon of light target.
  2. Tracking Wings duration
  3. Tracking Kyrian phials
  4. Heroism/Lust tracking (have it positioned at the top) – just how long you have left.
  5. Divine Purpose – highlights the proc in the middle of thy screen.

You can find WA for pretty much EVERYTHING.


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Holybind, you are a very wise Paladin!

Thanks, I’ll check those AddOns (Bron Cena looks funny lol).

Greetings, and Happy New Year!

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That link doesn’t seem to work or it expired before I saw it. Thanks for trying to share it again. I am toying around with Vuhdo now.

That is so weird! I even specified 2 month expiration… O.o


Of course. Any time.
It will take you quite some time to set everything up.
For SexyMap, btw, there are presets. I really like Diablo and Faded Square user-submitted presets.
A lot of addons add minimap buttons. You can pretty much most of them.


This is completely Off topic but you actually put a lot of effort into those reply’s. Makes me happy to see some decent advice going around.

Props to you

Eh, that’s all right. Rare sight. Was high on caffeine at 3am last night. So I slept in today till 2pm lmao.

The other day I made a big write out on reddit for someone asking about something… and even got a few rewards from folks :smiley:

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Out of a hunch I turned off my ad blocker and BAM the new link worked. Thanks once again.

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Remember that direct heals will remove one stack of grevious. And as long as someone isn’t going to die in the next 3 seconds just focus heals into one person at a time to clear grevious.

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don’t underestimate the impact your tank will have on Grievous. If they pull too much it’ll overwhelm holy paladins pretty quick since they lack a lot of AoE heals to help soften the blow as you clear stacks. For Grievous weeks on my druid, I actually go Necro and stack absorb trickets and try to do my part keeping above 90%. Some tanks can do that better than others. Druids and paladin tanks can pretty much keep grievous off themselves if they try even a little bit, thus taking the pressure off the healer.

One thing I used when running as holy paladin of grievous (been prot now for awhile) is Beacon of Virtue. With a 15s CD, it can be a pretty nice way to spread out healing as you clear off grievous stacks. You can usually easily get at least one, if not all stacks cleared in the 8s casting window.

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Thank you all!

I’m trying right now taking the advice from all of you guys and it’s getting better!


Did it work? How is it?
The only thing I need to add to it, really, is Sanguine Depths roots debuff in case of a missed kick. Otherwise I have to manually look.

I am sure to go over the list might take a few days, had a chance to adopt any of the addons?

It worked but I only had time to play around with it on Healing Dummies in the Cov Hall. I haven’t put it to a real test.

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Indeed, right now I’m doing great. I’m healing Mythic 10+ or more, thanks for the advice!