I'm new and I need friends

New player looking to No life WoW! looking to find someone to show me the ropes and take me under there wing. Hoping to eventually get into raids and stuff. I’m a fast learner! Still Looking… Been searching for days now! Just moved to the Stormrage server.

Hey buddy. :slight_smile: Maybe you can find your home with us.

This is the post I made on these forums…

Leave No Soldier Behind

At the core premise of the guild and our meta-ethic is to provide a safe environment for new, returning, and veteran players to grow. We put player progression above boss progression. We have a 0 tolerance policy for continuous elitism and toxicity. If you are looking for a safe place to learn and grow, come find us in the guild finder on Stormrage. We have a multitude of interests and even more plans to accommodate similar minded players a platform to host evens related to their shared interests. Leadership is voted in by the guild members, they are not appointed by the guild master.

Add my Battle-Tag Anointed#11577 and I will direct you to our Discord where you can change your nickname (Or delay that) and read our Guild Charter.