I'm looking to recruit warlocks to Zerg Inc's main & alt-raid teams!

Raid Team 1: Tues/Thursday Raiding 6-9 pm server time.
Raid Team 2: Friday/Saturday 6-9 pm server time.

You should join ASAP because:

  1. We are disenchanting warlock gear and it hurts ;(. Our casters be geared AF. We. Are. Loot. Blessed.
  2. We have a solid crew made up of several groups of friends w/ officers from each. Sorta creates checks & balances within the guild - and IMO has resulted in ethical / dope leadership. I’m not biased. /s
  3. We will help you world-buff for raids via summons, and ya know Orkbar? The hunter with the best DM:N trib buffs? He will give ya free buffs on raid days =).
  4. If your main is fully geared from a non-progression raid, say MC, we will let ya raid on your alts for those nights.

You shouldn’t join if:

  1. You don’t want to bring the JUICE.
  2. You don’t enjoy engaging with your guildies. Hanging out on discord, being helpful - that sorta stuff is encouraged.
  3. If you think not being next-up for an item means “I should take a break until I am next-up!” bruh - no. Stick around and have a good attitude, try to improve where you can, and you will be geared af before you know it.

PVP Sidenote: we do have a PVP-roster with hour-by-hour signups for those interested in ranking up. You don’t actually have to join our guild to get in on this aspect of our guild.

—This post is open to other classes as well, but I am mostly scouting out the warlocks right now. Message Schaffah in-game.