Im just shocked that this wasnt the new cat form

I also can pay real money for this. just saying.


I would very much like this


Yea that’s the Kimbul model, released in BFA.

I have pretty much wanted that since it was released.


Wouldn’t even look good for a night elf only trolls


would have been cool but im mad that catraptor wasnt cat form since they added in stags


Says the orc wearing Pandarian inspired ball armour lmao.

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Guessing you’ve never seen an orc blademaster or thrall before


Guessing you’ve never seen a druid before.

Orange tigers don’t match night elven imagery, the only druids it’d make sense for would be trolls. This model is originally a troll loa in fact.


Oh yes the WRONG MATCHING COLOURS, HOW ABSURDLY SILLY OF ME AHAHAHA. Yes Azeroth forbid Nightelves equip something other than light purple. My sincerest apologies.

Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to go equipt my neon green Bear Skin, Giant Fur Cat Raptor travel form, Glowing Purple MT cat form, and Giant Koi Fish swimming form. Actually scratch that, I’ll make it a red neon bear.

Buh bye.

We’ve been asking for this to be a cat form for years now. The fact it was added as a hunter pet shows how out of touch Bliz is wih community sentiment.

This form is linked to the theme of trolls, based on the Kimbul loa.


Not my problem if you want your character to look like a mess

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I remember thinking it’d be cool if they added a small quest line only available to trolls, in which you end up at Kimbul’s shrine and he rewards you with this cat form. Alas, at this point druids need a general version of the silent marks available in the Emerald Dream, which would allow them to learn many of the models already available to hunters.

These marks could mostly be classified according to beast type in order to ensure they apply to the correct form. For example, “Silent Mark of the Cat” would allow a druid to learn any cat model and use it as their cat form, “Silent Mark of the Courser” would allow a druid to learn any courser model and use it as their travel form, “Silent Mark of the Turtle” would allow a druid to learn any turtle model and use it as their bear form, etc.

If hunters can tame druid skins then it only makes sense that druids can learn hunter pet skins too :woman_shrugging:


I mean I can’t have you sitting on the “I look like a trash clown” bench all alone now can I?

Agreed. Definitely a troll pet.

So are the balance of power feral forms, but I still use them, not just the purple one, on my NE Druid.

My comment addressed the theme of form, to which she refers.

I know. I was saying all druids already have access to a cat form that has a troll-like theme.

How is:

Not similar to:

I know I keep saying this, but BfA would have probably been remembered more fondly if some of the thematic and cosmetic opportunities were utilized alongside the added allied races… The Legion tech was already there.