I'm just gonna say it, cat-people

Personally, I 100%, maybe even 120%, disagree!

If WoW were to add a Feline playable race they should expand upon the Saberon race and flesh them out, we need a High Fantasy Feline race like the Kerran from Everquest (depicted below)

That is to say if we ever did get a Feline player race.


i get what your saying, but you know blizzard would shove saberon onto the horde, and just say ‘done’ and give the alliance a race that’s awful in-comparison (and in all honesty, i think saberon would be a pretty lazy race to add, they’re just a reskin of worgen).

mind you, an brand-new anime-cat-person race would be lazy, but they would have plenty of wiggle-room to make them as interesting as possible. plus, we already have a buttload of full-on furry races. why not just add one that’s only ‘slightly’ furry?

Just another form druids get screwed out of.

Dont UWU me.

if it helps, i’ll put on some cat ears and look sexy

/cat ears
/sexy dance

Catgirls, and make them part of the Horde.

There are feline breeds in warcraft, but I don’t believe there is a will or imagination in blizzard to do something like that.

And i bet that many people imagine something like that

but I’m sure Blizzard can imagine something like that

and say that’s what we thought we were thinking.


I always thought of cat-people as basically school age girls in short skirts wearing a cat eared headband and twirling around all cutesy and suggestive.

I don’t think I’d like that in this game.


Yeah, a new interesting race is totally the same thing as wanting an anime race brought over from another MMO. :roll_eyes:

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Non animals.

Stormwind/Kul’Tiran humans. (2)
Night, Void, Blood, Nightborne Elves. (4)
Flesh/Mecha Gnomes (2)
Durotan/Mag’har Orcs (2)
Darkspear/Zandalari Trolls (2)
Ironforge/Dark Iron Dwarves (2)

Animal like races

Exodar/Lightforged Draenei (2)
Mulgore/High mountain Tauren (2)

16 human like races, 7 animal like races.

Your argument is moot.


No pandas?
I has a sad.

edit yay you fixed thank you for including Pandaren

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Nah, the Blood Elves were bad enough.

Add Cat Girls and this game has gone full anime-weeb, on the TERA level.

NO thanks.

I’m a big weeb. Anime figures and everything. No cat girls. Unless its like what people depicted above. WoW is like my little safe haven from anime, other than belfs. Please no.

I want dragon people. Not like Wrathion. I want something like Au’Ra.

I need scalies or partly scalie. Please!

Drakonid. In this game we have drakonid and they should def be a playable race.

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Ah those. I haven’t seen one of those in a minute, I forgot they existed! I hope they get added if they ever do something about the Dragon Isles.


Lizard people.

Æðelflæd, I am out of likes already today so please have this … uh … scrambles around searching for a nice gift … oh this!

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Honestly I’m surprised it hasn’t happened yet, considering wow is a fantasy game.
I’d only be for it if they replaced pandarens with them

Can’t we have both?


Luuni, I like you a lot, you know this dear, but one more slip up like that and you’ll have to hand in your Paladin card, you need to be mentally stable to bubble, just a heads up darling. :rofl:

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