I'm homeless

Hello all. I am looking for a guild for AQ and beyond. I would like to start by saying I am an average player. I am so-so in PvP and maybe slightly above so-so in PvE. I know how not to stand in poop and move according to a plan. I raided into Naxx when the game was new and have a holy priest on Grobbulus that has raided through MC this go around. I don’t need a dedicated raid spot. i would happily fill the role of fill-in on nights where people don’t show. Honestly, I don’t even need that promise as I work and have kids so my playtime is limited to the evenings and I really can’t do the farming that’s necessary to raid consistently.

That being said, I am quickly leveling a Warlock through to 60 and I would like to be a social member of a group that raids consistently. I am active on discord and am 0 drama.

Let me know if you have room for an old fart looking for a group to hang with.