Im fine with pruning

Im glad we are getting pruning. Co.pared to my other classes, my holy priest has loads of active spells and keybinds. Rly annoying.


I don’t mind pruning. I mind them pruning the good stuff and leaving the junk.

Tendrils is annoying and wonky. Feather should have never been separated from Body and Soul (keep them together and buff B&S). They keep adding all of these small buffs to Fade making fade a mandatory but relatively low impact button. Flash heal blows for shadow. We managed to keep Binding Heal (???) and renew in the class tree. We have cooldown overload and we still have PI. Shadow fiend is still a core throughput talent as if it really matches the core priest identity to have a crappy pet sometimes.

No, they want to cut PW:L, Mind games and Shadow mend…


ok, but you’re saying pruning like it affects holy priests, you’re not even in the discussion of talents on the cutting board.

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Remove mind blast from disc pls

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Mind Blast is the only shadow spell left Disc has. A lot of talents interact with it, and the new equilibrium talent makes MB use important.

Disc doesn’t really have a lot of issues when it comes to buttons being redundant right now. Solace is probably the only one that feels a bit awkward - and should probably go with a different mana gain put in its place.


Their pruning strategy seems really bad though, just outright removing things from the game and not compensating for any of the effects/reasons it existed in the first place.

Like removing Shadowmend sucks for Shadow. I don’t want to cast Flash Heal? ALSO they literally have the tech to change spells/effects based on your spec? Just make Flash Heal turn into Shadowmend if you spec Shadow?

Also if they drop Mindgames, it just makes the bottom of the class tree bad for Shadow. Like what will I take? A wildly situational 5m CD and a worse version of Nature’s Guardian? Admittedly though, while I like Mindgames, I don’t even thing there should be throughput spells in that section of the tree.

It just feels like if they are so concerned about all the buttons, there are infinitely better choices to prune. And they probably won’t stop there, they’ll take the fun abilities too. Like Halo and Divine Star aren’t incredible and they’re not rotationally significant, but they’re fun/cool abilities that will probs get dropped in an effort to “battle bloat”.

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I think someone spell reflected OP’s Mindgames cast.


It’s a spell you use once in a while due to the mana cost per healing it does, mostly only useful at higher level atonement counts. I guess you can press it in keys if you want.
Meh. I’d rather save keybindings for the new tools we get.

Also, we didn’t have it last expac and kinda just got it now and imo, it still is “meh” to use. I’d rather get the damage absorption from smite back pls.

Perhaps you haven’t played on the PTR/beta, but Mind Blast is pretty critical to the Disc playstyle there right now. I’d rather they kept it.

Especially considering the alternative is Smite, a filler that even with every buff they’ve added in the DF talent trees is barely worth casting if you can find anything else to do with that time.

So mind blast on beta isn’t just smite with a small absorb and a little bit more damage?

So versus Shadowlands mind blast with the talents almost every build will take, DF mind blast:

  • Doesn’t have a shield component anymore
  • Is significantly lower cooldown
  • Does 40% more atonement than any other spell
  • Gives you twilight empowerment (to make your next holy spell deal more damage - including PTW)

And the optional talent that is a bit out of the way and some might not take:

  • Can consume 6s of your DoT, and do 20% more damage (the dot damage gets factored into that 20% bonus)
  • Can reduce the cooldown of Mindbender/Shadowfiend

It’s still a button you hit for damage, but it just has a lot going for it (and it can buff your other spells), so losing it would lose a pretty core piece of the kit.


man I wish shadow got to keep the mind blast absorb too, would be a niche market for m+… ah well, can’t have nice things.


Same, that was my first heart break. Little did I know the pain that was to come. Worst part is they’re pruning masochism, so I can’t even enjoy the pain anymore. :frowning:

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Thanks for compiling the information!

I still don’t care for it but it strong chance it be staying seeing as there’s quite a few talents for it .

Let’s remove holy nova and give us back mind sear 🫥

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Alright, I’ll take the bait as someone complaining about (potential) button bloat in DF. The difference is exactly WHAT you’re pruning.

Shackle Undead - could be pruned
Psychic Scream - in general, could be pruned
Chastise Stun - could be pruned
Shining Force - could be pruned
Mind Soothe - could be pruned
Mind Control - honestly could be pruned, it’s hanging around for nostalgia’s sake

→ You can’t prune them all equally, but obviously the two prime suspects to prune are the two most situational skills, i.e. Shackle Undead and Mind Soothe. And you can’t just replace them with nothing, especially not if you prune any further than that, so you need to choose a flavorful (but more useful) replacement for any pruned skills.

Basic AoE Heals:
Lightwell - could be pruned if not redesigned
PoH - could be removed
CoH - could be removed
HW: Sanctify - can’t possibly be removed

The totally reasonable concern players have though is that Blizz is quick to remove stuff in the history of this game WITHOUT investing the time into developing a reasonable alternative, i.e. Blizz is lazy when they start pruning. So it’s no surprise players start hugging tighter to old, mediocre situational skills because the alternative too often isn’t an updated, modernized, well-balanced skill: but nothing from this shell of Blizzard that remains.

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Omg no why are you pruning what little cc and utility we have lol

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None of these are really good to prune buttons except PvE mind control (and if they did that it should be available in PvP) and maybe shackle undead. Everything else here has a very strong use case and is not horribly overpowered especially Shining force, which is incredible and no idea why they want to prune it.

Even Shackle Undead, despite being VERY niche, has a really strong use-case when it does come up. It’s just rare that we have fights where shackle is great.

I don’t think this is really true? This seems more like a list of buttons you personally don’t hit much, or current game balance has made less powerful. But if you consider PoH tuned up to have a strong use, then it clearly serves a purpose: PoH is to Sanc what Flash heal is to Serenity.

The thing you COULD prune is either Flash heal or heal. The Surge/Wave dynamic works for Shaman because wave is a huge heal. Heal is not without FC - and that’s largely because of HW:Serenity. I’d rather see a baseline ST heal that’s somewhere between FH/Heal that reduces Serenity CD so I don’t have to play a weird minigame with 2 buttons that accomplish the same thing.

IMO pruning should happen when we have button redundancy, where several buttons are doing the same thing. I do kinda agree on CoH there. CoH only really is good because it buffs PoH and you can use it during movement, but you have a spammable ability to use during movement AND PoM, so why do we need it? etc.

Utility that is optional in the tree existing as totally separate buttons is completely fine - none of it should be pruned - rather they should be options versus more passive benefits, and CC should be made choice nodes vs other CC so that you don’t have too much at once.

There’s also active ability buttons that can be re-designed into not requiring an extra button. Empyreal blaze is a lot like that. Instead of making a button that makes your next 3 holy fires have no CD every 30s, why not just “Your first 3 holy fires are instant cast, and incur no cooldown - this can occur every 30 seconds.”

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Remember the circle of healing without a cd? I wanna play with that!