I'm dissatisfied with my Classic Era character clone

Well, it is only expected that the servers would be empty.
I mean, before paying to clone a character (and so early, you could do it later) before even consulting your friends, guildies and community to see if they would do the same.

It is your fault, OP, for doing a reckless thing. Blizzard gave the option, they are not responsible for organizing a community. It never was their responsibility.

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Yeah @Thereza dude… ur totally right its not their responsibility to fix their own game that we pay monthly for … what in Thrallz ballz are u even talking about


Do you understand the basic meaning of a service? If you dont, I highly suggest you look it up.

Don’t sound like a fool.

The servers aren’t empty, they’re mostly empty. This is an important distinction. As stated above, I completely agree with you in that there was reasonable expectation that most people would move on to TBC, leaving a significantly smaller player base left who want to play Classic Era.

The problem is that the remaining population is too spread out. They’re isolated to their individual starting servers with no means of interacting with each other. Upon CE release, Blizzard stated that they were connecting servers and, as time went on, they would consider connecting more servers if this was needed. See post above for a more direct quote.

Nobody is asking for Blizzard to organize the community. We’re asking for Blizzard to give the community every opportunity to organize themselves. Right now the only option is to pay Blizzard money for a transfer, which feels super bad on top of the character clone we were already charged for.

There is no good reason at this point to isolate the remaining CE players from each other. Were they all connected and there’s still not enough players, so be it, but with the current restrictions in place, responsibility for this issue lies squarely with Blizzard.

The game is working. There are no bugs. What you don’t have is PLAYERS to play WITH.

Blizzard let you buy the service, and you are the sole responsible for doing so. It is not their fault that people want to play TBC instead continuing playing a game that is already over.

the clone service worked fine, there were no problems. the only problem OP is complaining is that he doesn’t have enough people to play.

buy Paid character transfer and move to a realm where you can play with people. Simple.

Look at yourself.

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You think you do, but you dont

I don’t disagree with you. I made a posting here that answers this:

I don’t care about Classic Era servers. (I know some do) They destroyed Classic Era servers at about the time I left the game in Early 2020. Once well balanced established 50%/50% servers were shoved with disproportional toxic players into them. I paid for a character transfer only to have them destroy it with ‘free moves’ they failed to balance or provide a total players game cap for servers (50,000 + players farming Black lotus… are you serious?) and personally I had issues with some total jerk officer in my guild. So yeah, FRESH and LEAVE IT THE HELL ALONE!
Seasonal servers is truly the only solution. Though I do hope bliz will honor the players who paid for the character transfer and give them what they want.

To quote “Snow White and the Seven Dwarves”
Oh, Grumpy you DO CARE! <3

In a very real way that seems to be the only fully compromised solution that helps everyone in the long run.

Launch Fresh, let the phases progress… and offer a ‘free character transfer’ from the Classic Era into whatever ‘healthy’ server you choose. (Free as in you’ve already paid for your copy so you won’t have to double pay)

Sorry if I missed it, my heads all over the place tonight. I don’t see where in your post you specifically answers why you don’t think mergers/connections won’t solve the immediate problem.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong about your ideas at all, and I’m in favour of fresh for sure, but I was just curious about that in particular given the response I quoted :slight_smile:

Is it that you’re jaded on existing servers and don’t think that connections is enough to reboot the classic population and bring people back?

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Part of a service in the context of an MMO is ensuring the servers are conducive for a healthy environment and that includes implementing mergers and fixes where necessary

You should look in a mirror.

I try to think holistically. All the people left behind. all the players disgruntled. all the people who’s once balanced PvP servers are 99% one faction or the other. this is a total sh*t show. Bliz destroyed everything.

As a temp fix the mergers would be ‘ok’ but nobody new will come back or venture in. The only hook that will draw a crowd large enough to justify 3-5 new servers (of 3k population each) is Fresh Start 2 or 3 year cadence servers. We’ve got to think bigger. Don’t just settle for scraps.

but, Bliz owes geared 60’s (who paid for the character copy) a functional server! I DO agree with you guys getting your ‘merged servers’ but how to satisfy the RP’ers and PvP’ers and the RP-PvP ers. Players chose the servers they did for various reasons and it’s just an impossible puzzle to adequately satisfy the player base (and those bored of TBC) with anything other than a releveling of playing field. and promise never to do it again from Bliz. The only solution is FRESH. The only question we need answer is how… and when…

When you put a pay wall up you split the playerbase. It should have been free to copy. It’s not even that it’s too expensive. It’s the fact that because it exists I know people aren’t going to all pay for it. And because of that I don’t want to waste my money on the risk that no one will be playing. And many other people feel the same way. Causing a domino effect of sorts.

It’s kind of like a bear market. Confidence that many people will pay for the clone is low so people don’t pay for the clone.

I wanted to understand your perspective and I think I do now. I don’t think I necessarily agree that fresh is the only, or utmost, solution… but I see where you’re coming from here. We are both in support of each other’s concerns, just from differing priorities :slight_smile:

This is true and I agree, a free copy might have made a difference. This may have been a mistake by Blizzard; however, my only regret on the clone purchase stems from the lack of support Blizzard has shown since. There’s enough of a Classic community there that would be happy except for the fact that they just can’t play with each other… for seemingly no good reason.

When a company sells you something and demonstrates an intent of support, but then that something falls short of expectations while the company remains silent, it’s unsettling. You could replace Blizzard and WoW Classic Era with pretty much any other company and service and it would be reasonable to come to the same conclusions.

Imagine if your ISP sold you an upgrade to your internet service, which actually performed worse than your prior package, and then failed to respond to any and all communications on the topic.

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Look, there is to many servers for the amount of ramaining players, they have to give us free transfer / merge more / cloning refund / do something / sell wow rights to someone else / etc… many things can be done and nothing is being done.


Games dead. Even fresh servers would bring back only like 2 people.

The fact of the matter is barely anyone ever touched private servers. People came back to classic for one big hurrah to relive the nostalgia and take a quick look around. The people still here? Extreme outliers and freaks of nature.

What most dedicated wow fans wanted wasn’t the original game. They wanted classic +. New raids. Rebalancing of broken mechanics. Instead what we got was exploit craft. Botters, boosters, multiboxers, gold buyers galore.

Some of you still dreaming that people going to go back and play on the classic servers. It’s not going to happen. Games dead. Just like private servers were.

Definitely no life in Classic at the moment. Doesn’t mean its always going to be like this. If you want to try and find some positives in all this remember your clone is forever.

Blizz said there will be Classic Era servers up even if there are “tens of players” and hey guess what…

Even if it takes two years for a worthwhile Era population to form somewhere on official realms your clone will be ready.

I see this as a money grab by inaction, see how many pay for move be4 they do anything.
Oh, and add in a survey or something on classic + or other changes( for money again!)

Bliz is like most people… reactive. Most people are like some of those old black and white movies of Charlie Chaplin. They swing the ladder and smack the guy in the face only to duck out of the way of payback and the guy gets a pie in the face. People don’t get what is going to happen with their actions and blizzard as a corporation is much the same. They are ‘reactive’ instead of being ‘proactive’ and solving problems before they happen. Aka What they SHOULD have done is:

  1. launching a hand ful of Fresh lvl 1 (no transfer) CLASSIC servers at launch of TBC
  2. provide a handful of server options (RP/PvP/PvE) options for players to ‘copy’ the lvl 60 players to. (and this should have been FREE!)
  3. promise a regular ‘cadence’ server of Vanilla with sprinkles. (ie remove world buffs, increased XP, pet shop, harder boss, no right click reporting (/ignore is good enough) increased debuff slots, etc)

nah. it’s obvious that you are only repeating what you heard some streamer said and are not even a fan of Classic/Vanilla at all. Nobody was looking for a last ‘hura’ for nostalgia. It’s just a good old game that players in defiance of Bliz/activison played on Pservers for years. the ONLY reason bliz made classic at all was to drain the private community.

I will likely pay to keep this character in TBC although naturally it will migrate to wrath as well. Two of my favorite expansions, I like anything pre cata and vanilla is my least favorite because hybrid tax and no blood elves. Everything else is gravy.