I'm confused. I haven't played since BFA

i need help, i just came back to wow and haven’t played since half way through BFA. I wanted to finish the story line and then move to shadowlands and so on. I logged in and have no quest. My adventure guide says to do a timewalking campaign. when i go to chromie, she doesnt have anything for BFA just for me to start shadowlands. I’m confused lol

BFA is the default even though we are past it. Port yourself to your factions BFA based city and look around the map to see where you left off. Main quests have a shield background behind the exclamation point.

Depending on where you were in BfA, you may need to level up before you can continue. With Dragonflight, they rescaled BfA to max out at 60 (to keep it as the default leveling path.) That means that most of the War Campaign quests now require 60.

If you don’t have any quests in BfA to level on and don’t want to start Shadowlands just yet, you can use Chromie Time to level in any old zones you still have quests in. (Go ahead and get to 60 in Redridge Mountains!) Turning on Chromie Time will cause all old expansions to scale to 60, not just the one you selected. The one you selected will determine which dungeons you see in the Dungeon finder. (The old Vanilla ones are under the Cataclysm Timeline.)