Im Confused about WOLK transfers

When they say there’s at least a 90day wait on transfer’s to Fresh Wolk servers where are people transferring from? Classic Era lvl 60? Transfers from BC? because i got my toons on Classic Era, and BC then. I do understand there is a closing date of clone copies to so I’m kind of confused

When Wotlk hits, there wouldn’t be TBC era. All TBC servers will move onto Wotlk. Then after 90 days any character on Wotlk servers that moved from TBC into Wotlk can be transferred to fresh Wotlk servers

90 days MINIMUM good chance it gets bumped up unless the servers are already dead by then, which they probably will be.

That is not what was said people are throwing around 90 minimum false information. What WAS said is the only reason they would open up transfers is if the server population dipped too low so potentially TRANSFERS WILL NEVER OPEN ! stop regurgitating stuff from streamers and people who dont know becoming one yourself.

That’s only for fresh servers. There are going to be fresh WOTLK servers. All normal TBC servers go to WOTLK automatically bruh.


If server pops are healthy, they won’t rush to open the Xfers… but nothing from their post stated never. By listing the “AND” it would mean that regardless if the servers are healthy, if Blizz feels the need to open them then they would. That need could be anything they want such as like more yummy Xfer money.

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I thought they were progressing BC servers and not providing fresh Wrath servers.

As linked by Ordosh above, there is indeed a thread covering their intent to provide a fresh experience for Wrath.

So both fresh and progression from BC to Wrath.
Fresh on new server/s and progression to Wrath on the existing servers.