I'm 60 and disappointed

No, I would say it’s definitely a layering issue.

SW on my realm, Pagle, is always packed. If the OP isn’t seeing hardly any players in the cities, he is probably on a low populated layer unfortunately.

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Guys, he’s in < GRIZZLY >, they’re another long-established pserver guild like < APES >. He’s not bored in the game. Just because a lot of you haven’t heard of his guild doesn’t mean he doesn’t have an opinion worth listening to.


So sorry end game is not living up to your expectation. My advice to you; “if it ain’t fun don’t complain, leave.” This is the 2006 version of WOW and is pretty much exactly as i remember it.


go outside


Aha, so what you remember from those ~35 month vanilla are those last 4 month before BC?

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The way I read it, I thought he was referring to the quest hub towns in the high level zones. If that’s not the case, my bad.

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He exploited.


I just reread his post to make sure I didn’t misread it. He says the cities and even the starter zones are empty. If that’s the case, he’s definitely in a dead layer.

Westfall on my realm has a crazy amount of people. I couldn’t imagine what it would look like if they collapsed the layers right now.

Edited to add: If he had of been talking about the higher level quest hubs I would definitely have agreed with your post since he’s definitely ahead of the majority.


one thing to keep in mind is that they’re going to remove layering. So it’s not here to stay

Westfall is FULL of players on my server. People are questing, forming groups for Deadmines, and Horde have even been attacking Sentinel Hill. While the OP rushed through content to get to 60, the rest of us have been taking our time and having a blast.


Yeah, it needs to stay for a little longer at least

I’m 10 two other characters. I’d like to know if you’re on a mega server, or one of the medium pop servers spun up on launch day

I want to heed your complaints but truly I do not understand them.

Please reiterate

I’m on Grobbulus.

  1. If 45+ is buggy report this on the tech forum, not general. Noting it here is whining, not letting anyone know of actual issues.

  2. I have a character in nearly every server for name reservation, the “cities are empty” is mostly false.

What you do see is what you would expect. Bank alts in the AH and players running in and out going to trainers and quest links.

Grobbulus is pretty populated, there are people in all of the horde capitals.

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Was it nerfed? Or was the game just fixed?

Nerf implies blizzard always intended the game to have the nuances that previously “made it difficult”.

I mean, fair enough. It was “made easier.”

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no, it’s things like when you pull a pack that should be 7 mobs, only 2 come. Or lowlife mobs run away from you infinitely and an unlimited distance and they don’t pull additional packs they just keep you stuck in combat.


It depends. To my recollection: not all mons pulled additionally on vanilla. Typically that was reserved for humanoids. (Which still happens)

Also runaway was a nearly unlimited distance. Why do you think fear was and still is so bad? XD

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