Ilvl Requirement for Ranked Solo

Why is there not a min ilvl needed to que for this. Tired of having people with no gaer show up. I had a guy in all greens and 40k hp in ranked solo today.

Please fix this.


win games and suddenly low ilvl people disappear

whacky but true


This is something that should be addressed in Dragonflight.

The low ilvl are doing it on purpose. 242 gear in a pvp rated solo shuffle and that equates to a big target on there back and losses for anyone on there team which usually ends in them quitting so everyones loses.
They should require season 4 honor gear to play as a minumum in rated PVP.

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If there isn’t right now there’s meant to be

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the requirement better be high up there. no one should get into ranked with just 1 or 2 conquest pieces at rank 1… just like how no one would accept them into 2s or 3s

At most it should be full honor gear. :dracthyr_comfy_sip:

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It shouldn’t require any conquest pieces. The bulk of an honor set sure. Not even upgraded, as upgrades don’t affect pvp ilvl.

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Gear is supposed to scale up to 278 ilvl in solo shuffle, but for some reason it doesn’t work correctly. It also doesn’t address people who intentionally leave slots empty to troll (yes I had a hunter who only had a weapon equipped and had 20k hp).

No idea why blizzard added that iLvL scaling but didn’t make sure it works on ALL gear available in the game, especially the literal gear you get from leveling in shadowlands :man_shrugging:

I’ve honestly only seen maybe like half a dozen people do this in thousands of rounds. The more frequent thing is somebody trying to gear up and just expecting to go 0-6 for weekly quest completion.

-unsheathes 278 shadowmourne-

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Honestly it would be really fun if there was a mode that scaled up any gear in the game. Just something fun to allow weird gear combinations for a solo shuffle style brawl, or a last person standing free for all with no rating attached.

I would love to mess around with old weapons / trinkets / tier set bonuses. Heck even toss corruption back into the mix for some silly shenanigans.

I’ve rarely seen people super under-geared, but I did see a resto druid with only 40k hp as an opposing healer in a rated solo shuffle once. This was while I was at about 1700 rating. Felt bad so I stripped down half naked after the first few wins. No idea how they ended up getting thrown into that, I think that might have been their very first rated game.

Entire systems broken

Had a 26k in one game. Or maybe 36k.


Needing people to grind out full conquest sets to get into a rated PvP mode that was designed to help solo players get their rated gear is just silly.

If they want to add a high requirement now they should have removed ranks on PvP gear with the pre patch and let people get into things super quickly. As is once you rank up a little bit you won’t see those players anyway as they don’t win unless there are other low geared players. We have rating for a reason, geared and skilled players rank up while everyone else works on their skill and gear issues and then do the same while in low rating.

I’m do think it’s a good idea requiring honor gear item level or at least the crafted PvP set item level for it in DF though. Just not conquest, makes the whole game mode pointless if you need conquest to get started.

but what tier set goes with it

Only Shadowlands gear scales up.

So you can enter matches with BfA gear and have 15k HP.
Or just take 90% of your gear off to achieve the same effect.

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Nope, the majority of the gear you attain from questing 70-80 in shadowlands does not scale up.

In fact the only gear I know that actually scales up is the stuff from Zerith Mortis and previous season 3 PvP gear (current season is pointless to scale up because honor gear already starts at 278).