ILvL 374 Fury Warrior LF normal/heroic raiding guild

(Blunderbus) #1

Hi all,

Blunderbus from Hyjal-US Horde-side here. As with many guilds this expansion, my current guild has folded due to BfA’s current state.

I am a seasoned raider, having played since Vanilla, and have been heroic raiding since MoP. Now, while I have dabbled in Mythics, I really don’t have time for them at this stage in my life, and am looking for a guild that will be raiding normal and heroic mode. Ideally I would like to have the raid on heroic farm, as that is what I am used to.

The only stipulations are that I really don’t want to spend the money on the server transfer, so if you aren’t on Hyjal-US, hopefully you would be fine with just adding me to raid nights via BattleTag. Also, due to my line of work, I can’t commit to specific raid days, however my attendance for the previous raid this expansion was at about 75-80 %. The only nights I for sure can’t attend are Tuesday and Thursday, but any combination of Mon/Wed/Fri/Sat/Sun will usually work for me.

I consider myself a social raider, and enjoy talking (as that is also part of my line of work), so as long as you don’t mind a chatty, friendly raider (not during pulls of course), that isn’t willing to server transfer, and can’t commit to specific raid nights, and only wants to raid normal and heroic, please give me a shout via my battle tag! (AndyCole#1367)