Ilvl 190 aff/destro lock lf raiding guild

I’m a returning player that has lots of experience playing at a high level. I was a mythic/heroic raider back in WoD but only currently 6/10 in CN (cause I only have been able to pug). I’m a quick learner and looking for an opportunity to get back to raiding at a high level. I would prefer weekday raid days, but weekends work if it is not late night. Contact me through here or add my battletag. Thanks in advanced. Coleton#1885

I sent you a friend request. Feel free to accept if you are still looking. Here is our guild post with additional information and our Discord info. [H] Last Guild Was Bad <Stormreaver>

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I am still looking send me a pm in game, i got a few requests so i cant tell who from who

Are you still recruiting I got a ilvl 210 Warlock and 200 Blood DK