Illusion: Wraithchill


I’m having this issue now, I simply don’t have the transmog, I’ve been going through my appearences for all weapons and it’s not there, I googled it and I was supposed to get a scroll or something? which hasn’t appeared in my inventory or mail.

did I miss out on it or something ?
Bought the epic edition of shadowlands.
I can use the pet, mount and 120 boost but wraithchill hasn’t appeared.

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No, it just appears directly in your collections tab.


then I didn’t get the transmog if it’s supposed to simply appear.
or is it restricted to 120 toons?

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IIRC, I was able to see and apply it on level 20 alts. I was looking here to see if I had seen an appropriate thread for you to add your voice to, but it seems I was just imagining it. If playing around with the filters and a UI Reset don’t show it to you, you’ll want to make a post there.


Restarted my client
I now have the illusion

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Huh. Bit of an unusual solution, admittedly. But glad to hear it worked!


It’s possible that it was just timing. The order for the Epic version of Shadowlands was very recent and it’s possible it was still being processed at the time of the first post. It looks like it has finished processing now which may explain why they eventually did see the illusion appear.


When you’re using Irradiated Undercoat shirt, you won’t be able to see the illusion on you. Just take it out and you should be ok.


can you please explain how to apply it? I purchased Deluxe also, but i’m unsure about how to apply this effect, almost 10 Years in the game and still feel a Rookie.


The Weapon Enchantment will automatically be added to your Appearance tab when you purchase the Epic version of the Shadowlands expansion. If you want to use it just go to the transmog NPC, click on the Weapon Enchantment option in the window.

Once you have selected Wraithchill, click Apply.

Note: Not all weapons will be eligible for this enchantment illusion


Your reply is most welcome :rofl:
thank you


Is there a blog or article somewhere that identifies which weapons are not eligible? And does this work on transmogged weapons?


At the top of the page is an option labeled “Support”, if you click that you’ll be taken to a page where you can enter a term, like Wraithchill, after which you should be provided with applicable Support Articles. The following is what you’d fine.


It’s a weapon illusion, it works very much like any other illusion where it works on applicable transmog appearances.


Yes. I see that article, but it only says the same info you already provided. I couldn’t find a list of weapons that are ineligible. Any help there would be appreciated.

That make sense… duh. It just drops into the Weapon Enchanment slot in the Tmog window.


That would be considered game info, not something that we’d provide.


Surely you’re not suggesting that we have to buy the upgraded version and hope it works for us…

I mean I guess we could do that and if it doesn’t work on our weapon request a refund, but that seems a bit inefficient for both the customer and for Blizz.

I’ll add that I’m normally not a pay extra for cosmetics guy, I have bought a few and this one looks so pretty.


The illusion can be used by all accounts, just not all weapons.

I understand that you seem to be suggesting that we list every single weapon that either can be used with the illusion or cannot be, but that simply isn’t feasible.

As with most game information, it is usually best to ask your fellow gamers if you are looking for specifics on a given thing.


Yes. That is what I was looking for. Well, just the ineligible list, which would obviously be much much shorter. Not sure why that isn’t feasbile. Time consuming, perhaps. But feasible.

Anyway, it would appear that there is no ineligible list and Blizz is disinclined to create one. I still might give it a try, though. It looks great in the videos I’ve seen (a little glitchy sometimes, but I’m sure the QA guys will fix that).

I can still downgrade if need be, yes? I would be rather disappointed to spend the extra $$ only to find I can’t use it.

As I read the description on the shop for the Epic version, it says it cannot be applied to all weapon types. Is this just something like it doesn’t work on guns, but everything else is fine? Or are there other select weapons that don’t work.


All refund requests would be subject to our refund policy. Most of those are extremely time sensitive.

It can apply to types, yes, like guns. It can also apply to specific weapons that may already have their own graphics.