[Illidan] <Lets Get Wild> Mythic Guild Weds/Thurs/Mon

About Us

Lets Get Wild is a mythic raiding guild that was officially born during Nyalotha, but is made up with players that have been together since MoP. Our priority is always progression, but that doesn’t mean we don’t know how to have a good time with friends. Come join us for Dragonflight while we push for Cutting Edge!

Outside of raid nights you will still find an active group that likes spending time together, be that in keys, classic wow, or other non-wow games.


7/11M SotFO
8/8N VotI
8/8H VotI
3/8M VotI

Raid Schedule

Wednesday 8pm-11pm cst, invites and trash at 7:45pm

Thursday 8pm-11pm cst, invites and trash at 7:45pm

Monday 8pm-11pm cst, invites and trash at 7:45pm


-healer (priest preferred)
-dps warrior
-warlock (high need)
-mage (high need)
-talented dps any spec

*Please note, we are always willing to talk to talented players of any role/spec, so don’t be afraid to reach out even if we are not directly recruiting your spec!

Add me on discord if you have any questions Elyanaris#1914

recruiting for df!

looking for a healer!

Bumping to the top

Looking for a few DPS for DF.

sent a disc request Mission#1622

CE experience healer and a lock friend looking for a home to raid

Still looking for a hpal!

If you are a healer id love to talk!

Hey reach out to me on discord would love to chat Crixus#3101

Still looking for a mage! Please reach out!

Weekend bump! LF more!

mages and warlocks reach out please!