(Illidan) 400ilvl Ele Sham LF Raiding Guild for 8.2


Hey All,

I am a returning player. I played the launch of BFA and stuck with it until about December when I decided to take a break.
I was an Enh Shaman raiding in a small raiding guild.

  • AOTC Uldir and a few Mythic Kills
  • Heroic Logs are all 95% (or in that range) (Check my raid logs)

I just came back after that 6-7 month break. I have grinded up to 400ilvl and made the swap from Enh to Ele Sham (Since enh is doing balls atm).

I min/max my character. I sim and optimize.
My current professions on my Sham are Alchemy and Herbalism and they’re maxed out at 175 each.

I’m looking for a raiding guild in need of an Ele Sham.
I’m very experience as Enh and as Ele.
I got to 2k in 2s and 3s in S1 BFA before my break.
I play Arenas for fun and enjoy the change of pace every now and then.

I don’t come late to raid times, and I don’t bail on raid nights.

Hit me up if you are looking!

Btag: TroyjanMan#11725
Discord: TroyjanMan63#3619


hey there :smiley: i sent you a btag request. My guilds name is Stuff and Things and we are a newly formed guild made up of high end raiders looking to push into mythic we have guys that love to run m+ and guys that love to pvp we are in desperate need for an ele sham and would love to hear from you,

we have lots of guys coming back for 8.2 so you would be in the same boat

my btag is: bently#1778