If you're not playing an Orc

Then you’re wasting your life away. We can do everything Tank, DPS and heal.

We do all that and look good while doing all that. We got you covered.

Now delete that puny elf that you’re playing or those vermin foxes and play a race that’s the very definition of Horde.

Now get to it.


… Planning? Like, Orc 3.0?

Be a helluva list of patch notes…

Punts Rive clear across General Discussion, where you land in the Blood Elf forum, have fun walking back Orc. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I love my Orc warrior, but he’s the only Orc I have. I’m very class/race orientated and I don’t care that much for them as any other class. And really if they hadn’t given us straight backs I wouldn’t have any orcs.

Expect personal hygiene, you may want to have a discussion on this subject with the Elves among you.

Silly orc, you lack the sheer potential of a human. Join us and fulfill your destiny!



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Orc players on my server have been really toxic to elves in the past. I deleted my orc because I didn’t want to get harassed when they found out I had an elf main.

I’d rather have an orc at my side than a human. LOK’TAR OGAR!!!


I’m pretty sure every race can tank, DPS, and heal. What’s next, are you going to try and market breathing as an Orc super power?


Not breathing is mine, but if it gets their spirits up so be it.

Okay, let’s see.

Blood Fury
Stun Resistance

… and I don’t even know Dancing Rune Weapon scales with Command. I know Magus of the Dead does.

Are orcs make good Blood DKs? I know they’re THE race for Unholy Death Knights.

It never used to be. You had to breathe like the rest of us peasants underwater.

The new Orc War paint options are awful, so I’ll pass.

do worgen count as an orc

Tauren are superior since they have both druids and paladins.

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I agree, play an Orc.

(No, I’m not pushing some sort of “secret agenda.” Don’t be silly!)

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You know what would be kind of fun is if everyone who plays Horde played an orc, Mag’har or green, both are good for a week straight so all you’d see are nothing but orcs, everywhere.

I think that’d be hilarious. Would want to get a group together to invade SW & Boralus if that happened.

  • Maybe 3 days of orcs, then 3 days of tauren, then 3 days of trolls then 3 days of elves.
    Idk if goblins and vulpera are high enough in pop to include but that’d be so funny.
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It would be nice to see more Orcs in the Horde.

Orcs are too mean.