If You're Gonna Force Healers into 1v1 Pseudo-Duels for Rating

the ban thing is real

i even have 2 ppl i know that got x1 week for leaving 3 or more times in a row

Unlikely, and I don’t expect to see a shred of evidence let alone proof.



I appreciate you think I’m good enough to clone 3 times in a row.


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Careful with that kind of rhetoric you’ll have half the forums on your butt saying every bad lobby is 100 percent your fault and you played like garbage. Theres no such thing as bad lobbies here where all the multi rank 1s come to share their totally valid opinions.

Every lobby is a bad lobby when you’re healing wood league


Straight from Blizzard themselves.

Doesn’t change what he said.

You’re right, it doesn’t, we have no way of knowing whether or not he’s “seen” the post from Blizzard saying players who leave excessively will be subject to account review and suspensions. Thank you for your contribution.

Psure we’d see it on worldofpvp Reddit if someone was banned for afking shuffle.

Yes because the internet and reddit especially are always forthcoming and honest about their account suspensions.

Don’t engage, friend, for it does not have good intentions. :dracthyr_heart:


Doesn’t take much to post a screenshot of the email. Which people often do for the other reasons they are banned.

Sorry dude, no one has got banned for leaving a match.

Oh I’m aware it’s Bloomsday. It used to be mildly entertaining, but now it’s like watching a junkie who can’t perform but is still addicted.


Yes and those are always legitimate. And people are always forthcoming and honest. This is the internet after all, no one lies here.

Only way that’s possible is if no one is leaving “excessively.” Otherwise, I’m going to have to take Blizzard’s word over whatever you’ve made up. Thank you for the contribution nonetheless.

Thank you, I’ve been waiting for you to come back hehe.

This is a particularly interesting statement since I have no idea who you are and have never talked to you before. Oh well.

Such low effort. Sad. You put zero effort into anything anymore than just picking a topic and being the contrarian. Yawn. Do better.


Anyways, buff healer mmr in shuffle.


Right, so you’ve come into this thread to offer a reply to me that is essentially irrelevant, then you pivot to using Reddit as your source of evidence, and when I state my doubts about Reddit as an honest source you resort to ad homs in place of a proper rebuttal?

Ok then. Best of luck my friend.

yeah going 3-0, prior to the projected 0-6’er leaving, before they’re on your team is chef’s kiss. especially if enemy healer is higher mmr, that is an actual mmr injection straight to the veins


As is your trolling now days. It’s lazy. Formulaic. You’re boring and scripted. There’s so much better trolls than you now days. :clown_face:


There’s not terribly much anyone can do about placements being a necessary evil, but outside of them there’s no excuse to ever not have the healers perfectly matched. DPS can wait longer and healers are happy to wait a couple minutes for a proper game.