If you're getting rid of Healing Elixir, take Expel Harm off the GCD

As a Mistweaver, I’m starved for buttons. Especially after the rework to Mana Tea… and I just can’t find a good place for Expel Harm. At first, when I heard about the change to Healing Exlixir… I was devasted… however, there is an opportunity here. If they can take Expel Harm off the GCD, it could fill the same role and become a relevant ability again, while freeing up a button slot.

Although… TBH if I would much rather see Expel Harm go that Healing Elixir…

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It wouldn’t be enough. They would have to increase the healing it does as well as merge talents in the tree together into an accessible mode, as points in the tree are already stressed enough. They would also have to address how it would affect Windwalker, and especially Brewmaster. It realistically isn’t feasable.

It would be better of they just either revert the change or make it a choice node between active and passive use.

They did say theyre going to do more soon, but based on their track record, I am less than optimistic that they will make a change that will be an improvement.

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Let’s be real here. Healing Elixirs should have just been on the main monk tree.