If You Were to Retire in Azeroth

(Stéampunk) #20

I used to live there, they didn’t like me running up to everyone and yelling,"GOT MILK!!!"

Apparently it was a baaaaad joke…:rofl::rofl::rofl:

(Infexshun) #21

Mulgore or Elwyn …


Dalaran, with Jaina.


The Dreamgrove. It would be absolutely perfect.

(Asana) #24

Goldshire. It’s a wholesome place with good old family fun recreational activities.

/wanders off into the inn and is never seen again

(Kaivax) #25


I like cooking.

(Jerauld) #26

Dreamgrove. All the kitties i could pet, all the bear bellies I could scratch, and Dryads everywhere with their… assets.

(Thequixote) #27

Iron forge for the bars, winter sports, and to kick gnomes into the lava pit in the center of the city.

(Stéampunk) #28

I don’t think that would go to well considering the Dwarfs’ like us a lot more than Elf’s.

(Thequixote) #29

I said bars, buy them a round and they’re pretty OK with it.

(Sorelai) #30

Grizzly Hills.

(Fallynn) #31

I love the cold and Northrend in general. The lights are beautiful too. So, I’d go to Howling Fjord. :slight_smile:


For me it would be Dun Morogh/Ironforge. I love the snow and winter in general. Plus it’s the home for Brewfest, my most favorite holiday in wow. Actually tied with Hallow’s End, but still.

(Khëmîcal) #33

I would rent a room in the Goldshire Inn on Moonguard, just to watch the weirdos


Gallywix Pleasure Palace

(Sincubus) #35

Suramar now that its freed. Gorgeous, fully developed city, plenty of wilderness, ancient ruins, lovely coastline, magic everywhere, elves in need of repopulation and integration with the world around them.


Ratchet ^.^

(Moonweaver) #37

Teldrassil but someone made it burn :sob:

So I would chose Hyjal or the Dreamgrove if Teldrassil doesn’t count.

(Lahgtah) #38

If I were an old man, the last thing I’d want to do is have to go long distances to get what I need. Probably retire near a city where it’s convenient to get what I need. Ironforge would be too loud with how the echoes would carry, and the constant banging of hammers. Silvermoon is likely too expensive and filled with dangerous addicts/dealers. Teldrassil, Orgrimmar, Thunderbluff, and Dazzarazzle(or whatever that troll place is) are all primitive and unsanitary. Boralus has thugs just living on the streets with no problems, and probably reeks of rotting fish. Undercity is an obvious no. The pandaren shrines aren’t even proper housings, and pandaren probably smell like a cross between a fat person who has been sitting naked in a hot leather seat all day, and wet dog. Gilneas has an earthquake problem. Dalaran is too cold and the air is too thin way up there.

The only options left is the Exodar and Stormwind. The Exodar, being that it should be fixed by now, would probably be nice if it weren’t for the fact that everything is a shade of purple. So, the only reasonable option is Stormwind so long as it’s away from the smelly harbor.

An isolated paradise quickly becomes hell when something goes wrong and there’s no one there to help, and nothing nearby that has what you need.

(Eiry) #39

Why do Witcher fanboys always have to insert their game into everything?

Anyways, with the caveat that I cant leave the zone ever, I’d retire to Dalaran, since it can move.