If You Were to Retire in Azeroth

(Tiddleywinks) #1

If you had to choose one zone in all of Azeroth to retire to, which one would it be? Caveat… you are confined to this zone for the rest of your life.

I think I would retire to Uldum.


Maybe Loch Modan before the Cataclysm.
Or maybe Redridge.
Spend the rest of my years fishin’

(Stompypotato) #3

I would have to go with Feralas. It is quiet and out of the way. Love all the trees and old ruins.

(Melantha) #4

Grizzly Hills where I would have a large luxurious cabin and art studio built.


Definitely Pyrewood Village, on the border of gilneas and silverpine forest.
Dreary Clouds
Lots of rain
just me fishin off the coast to the pitter patter of siege engines and catapults.

(Juniorpio) #6

Why would I retire in a game that looks so bad?

Nope. I will pick to retire in the world of The Witcher.


Outside Gnomeregan.

I love the upbeaty soundtrack there and I want it play on repeat for the rest of my life, and when they lower my grave.

(Valora) #8

I like beach living irl. Probably Karasong Wilds

(Thorland) #9

Loch Modan has always been my go to place for retirement. I’ll have a little shop in my home where I tinker as an engineer and make custom rifles for wealthy clients. Free rifles for my brethren Mountaineers. If retirement proves too boring for this former adventurer, I’ll work part time with the Mountaineers.


Vale of Eternal Blossoms.

Assuming it’s the healed version.

(Weathervane) #11

me personally, as a human? or just for funzies?

well, as an unfortunate human with more computer skills than survival skills, I guess i’d probably have to say something gross like whatever the hell the zone is called that stormwind sits in. wherever the rest of the humans hang out.

ew. but just for funzies, i’d wanna say grizzly hills or feralas. i like all them trees. :sunny:

(Bearfu) #12

The Jade Forest.

(Rorrand) #13

I’m a warrior. It’s basically my fate to die in battle before the age of retirement.

That’s ok, though. Old dogs smell real bad and… they don’t always have full control of their bowels…

(Stéampunk) #14

Hands down Zangermarsh I want a mushroom house!

(Istealthl) #15

Eversong woods

(Crewthian) #16

Valley of the Four Winds

(Tholin) #17

Feralas. Good hunting and fishing, plenty of lumber and stone to make a cabin. Beautiful vistas to look at. Not too hot, not too cold.


(Conorn) #18


(Bruvnondus) #19

Azuremyst Isle. Blizzard will never update it, so I don’t have to worry about some Cataclysm or Lich Queen burning it down.

(Stéampunk) #20

I used to live there, they didn’t like me running up to everyone and yelling,"GOT MILK!!!"

Apparently it was a baaaaad joke…:rofl::rofl::rofl: