If you have a problem with updating and login into the PTR test servers


If you having these problems it may be because you have Windows 7 and may be need to upgrade to Windows 10.
I had similar problems that are posted and I was running Windows 7, so I was able to obtain a copy of Windows 10 and up grade and soon after I upgrade to Windows 10, I made sure all my drivers were up-to-date.
And now I’m able to play on the PTR test servers and log into my characters.
I’m just letting people know this is what I did to solve the problem that I was having.
I hope this helps some you would these issues.
Take care and make it a great day/night.


This is not the problem.for me, a friend suggested it was because I had only recently signed up to be allowed into the PTR and I might simply have to wait till after update.


I’m not even on a Windows machine at all so it’s obviously not that. I’m one of the ‘no realms available’ crowd.


Ya. Both my Mac and Win10 machine have the problem.