If you got alpha/beta what would be the first thing you do?

What would you do?

The first thing I did was check out the new UI

Then I messed around a bit on an evoker

Then I made a druid

& reported some bugs, so I am contributing haha.


I would test paladin trees and then prepare to rant and ree at any hint of systems in pvp

Would also look a lot into evoker gameplay


test the new ui
the new class/race
look at the dk blood tree

I’d log out to go check my lottery ticket.

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I’ve been poking around in the new interface options as well as trying out various Warrior talents.

Also pleasantly surprised by the armor available to the Dracthyr. I hadn’t really watched any videos or looked at many pictures of them. They can normally mog shoulders/belt, apparently.

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so is the new spot open in the alpha in org?

Ask why Blizzard made a mistake.

I never get in them. :rofl:


Which spot?

where the old guild master npc were

Test the game like normal. Usually submit a few hundred bugs per expansion. Okay maybe like 100. I forgot how many I submitted in Shadowlands.

Typically I level many, many toons since that is the first thing that people will be doing with launch. Also do it with a group, solo, various classes, do different quests paths and so forth. On average I think I do about 20 toons to max level.


Most impressive.

If I did…
Check out Rogue, Warlock, Druid, Demon Hunter and Warrior trees, in that order.
Solo what I could to find what bugs I can on each.
Group up for the same.
Admire all the swaggy loots
Check out the Lizardbois.
More bug reporting.

yep look like its not in alpha yet lol
might be in final release

Would tinker with the UI and then immediately go Warrior.

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just lvled a warrior to 60 for the new tailoring bags
but the tree looks good atm

:dracthyr_blob_dance_animated: it’s pretty hype :dracthyr_blob_dance_animated:

Would check out the UI to see what addons I can ditch when 10.0 drops, and then I would immediately create all 6 tanks and begin testing and reporting bugs & performance related issues.

set up keybinds.

  1. check out the new crafting system
  2. make a demon hunter and try out the new dungeons
  3. make an evoker and try out both specs