If you are going to make an awful change

20 man raids count against the 30, also with AQ20 right around the corner thats another one

These limits only apply to dungeon and “raid instances”, and do not apply to PvP battlegrounds. I put in extra quotes just for you.

What the hell are you on about? Not a single person in this thread mentioned PvP…

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You suggested being worried about getting locked out of raid content… I responded saying you wouldn’t…
what a part of ANY of that has to do with PvP?

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Oh my god dude it said the lock applies to dungeon AND RAID instances and not pvp. Someone hold this man’s hand while he reads one word at a time.

Damn you’re toxic! Do yourself a favor and read the patch notes before you dig yourself in deeper…
I’ll help you out…

Can you not read?

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As part of our ongoing efforts to eliminate exploitative and automated gameplay, with scheduled weekly maintenance in each region, we’re implementing the following change to our settings on all WoW Classic realms:

  • You may now enter a maximum of 30 unique instances (dungeon and raid) per day, per realm. Are you done trolling or can you actually not read?


Imagine not being able to see past your own nose :joy:

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I’ll link it again, just incase you missed it…

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AQ20 and ZG aren’t raids then. All raids should be removed from this lock.

Lol, you can only do ZG once every 72 hours…
are you really going to struggle adding one to your tally?
Pathetic :joy::joy:

To legit whinge to Blizzard that you can’t count for yourself how many instances you’ve run for the day is actually pathetic.

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You think that makes you right? I said what I meant. People worrying about being raid locked out. Because you are probably a raid logger that does nothing else on the game means nothing to you being correct. Whether it’s pathetic or someone else having fun is irreverent and frankly not for you to decide. My point is people who actually do things on the game deserve a lock out counter or timer built in for this forced change. Go buy more gold while others continue to farm.

Ah, now the assumptions begin. Imagine being so salty you were wrong after being so toxic.
And no, I don’t raid log. I’ve got three 60’s, that each make their own cash, and none of them involve being stuck in an instance.

Oooff, so toxic.

How embarrassing :joy:

Instead of being such a smart [Censored], elitist flog next time, understand I was trying to help you.

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Lol you Alpha retards are serious. How pathetic is it to have to bring your friends in to see you can’t read. Pathetic trolls.

They’re all my characters! Lmao. Who else other than the same person would use the same theme in their name? Damn you don’t get out much, huh?

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