If they keep 3 min cd's im done with Warlock

Idk about you guys but i hated the 3 minute playstyle they forced on us until we got VoP. Having them 2 min cd’s feels so much better.

Hope it changes throughout alpha/beta


You could always just reroll into a fire mage we’re basically a better destruction lock with two minute cooldowns more mobility and utility

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Eh fire mage looks bland.

I love the asthetic of a warlock.


I definitely agree with you a bit I like the Aesthetics the lore and the theme of warlocks but the butt pounding that blizzard has given warlocks time and time again keeps me from playing it… fire is the next best closest thing… and with Phoenix flames i belive coming back baseline it will add the much needed flair

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This right here is hilarious. I remember back in TBC?Wrath people said Destro locks were better fire mages. How the mighty have fallen. On that note, why does Incinerate look like shooting a paint gun in splatoon instead of the fire serpent it used to be?


Warlocks were ruined with their overhauls in Legion I don’t care how OP affliction was fite me.

Even if it was good for that time period (I don’t think it was), they designed the class so heavily around the artifact weapoon which broke us even more after Legion.

-Affliction needs to 100% go back to being a rot spec.
-Completely remove darkglare/deathbolt and go back to dots being the majority of our damage.
-Drain soul should be baseline as an execute if they really want to keep shadow bolt or give us malefic grasp.
-Soul flame should return.
-Give haunt baseline, make UA hit harder, and add soul swap with a shard cost back into the game.
-Snapshotting should return for affliction dots.
-Also the new ability they added, malefic rapture, should be an aoe drain that makes dots AoE pulse.

-Destruction warlock needs focused chaos baseline. Chaos bolt should be harder to build, while having it smack like it did in MoP.
-Fel flame should come back on a CD style system so we have more than conflag to press while moving.
-Infernal is way too strong and too much of our damage is baked into infernal’s dps window.
-Flashover should already be baseline.
-Shadowburn needs to be baseline and act like an actual execute on a cd like it used to.
-Fire and brimstone should be baseline and reverted to how it worked prior to Legion where it would make your incinerate/conflag/immolate hit all enemies around your target for a reduced amount of damage and it cost a shard. They still generated shard fragments when they hit a target so it made you think when to use it so you wouldn’t be losing shards.

-Demonology is gonna feel like trash without baleful invocation baseline.
-Implosion is nice but we should also get demonwrath back so we have a little more movement and not so much ramp up time on our AoE.
-Axe toss needs to interrupt the target if the stun gets resisted.
-Implosion azerite trait should be baked into the class.


100% this please

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I just don’t wanna imagine how slow Demo will be without implosion…

Yeh. Destro without VoP and haste. Havoc windows only cleaving 2 spells, 3 minute cd’s

Still useless in M+

Cmon, more changes.

I can’t see this version of Demo and Destro going into shadowlands like this, I’m sure they will do some sort of buff or compensation since the removal of Azerite Traits…

Like a snail… a really SLOW snail

yeah I agree with just about every point 100%, although id like to add a few things

for destruction get rid of drain life and bring back ember tap

for dest/aff bring back the old style of grimoire of sacrifice which buffed our % damage overall instead of the current set PPM damage proc which doesn’t scale at all for AoE and does the same dps as our baseline pet.

as far as shadowburn, make it like MoP no CD but shard cost execute.

and last of all if they bring back FoB as it use to be with the shard cost then they also need to make it a toggle. not this always on crap we currently have.


Destro has drain life??


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