If it's not ready, it's not ready

I don’t believe Activision believes in releasing bug free games.

Not really.

Will never happen no matter how long they work on it. Bugs are the nature of games.

Give the delay doomsaying a rest already, the horse you’re beating is naught but a gluey pulp at this point.

How does me saying players might be mad if SL is delayed the same mindset of someone saying there will be no content at all, 8.3 won’t arrive?

Well in 76’s “defence” that had like 2 weeks of “open” beta. Open as in you had to buy preorder to be in it.

ITs release fate was sealed. A BGS game with 2 weeks of beta AND no mod support to fix it. That not only called Murphy up to say “hey, come on over.”. It was calling and saying hey we made up the guest room, stay a while my dude.

Ignorant fool. That cannot happen, there’s no way. Blizzard have literal years of proof that they cannot provide a fully functional experience at launch. As far back as wrath things got choppy on patch day, let alone a new expansion, and these people are not the blizzard of old- time will not help them

And that’s all it is - Concern. Blizzard is almost certainly not going to push back Shadowlands’ release date even if it’d be better for the game, because they’d open themselves up to a flurry of refunds and lawsuits.

Or you can just quit now if that is what you are hoping for. No one is keeping you here. Move on imo. The less WoW toxicity on the forums and in-game the better.

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You should the full thread and my responses. I am for delaying it…if not ready.

My response was a sarcastic one…sometimes difficult to see over the internet

Really unnecessary in a thread that just wanted to try something new and be a little positive.

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Well I can kind of agree with you here. Communication would be nice, but I don’t think they technically owe us one. I would just consider it as bad customer service.


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I always bring a can of Raid to kill off bugs. Specifically LFR. As for the rest, I must have played incorrectly

Refunds, yes, but lawsuits? No, not hardly.

I look at it this way. At the end of every expac I see people excited and wanting the new content as soon as possible, then Blizzard does this. Then the content isn’t how people imagined it would be and things come to light that have been cut from production because of time restrictions.

I would love if they had the opportunity to take more time if it could guarantee a better release.

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I wasn’t even talking about tuning originally but since you brought it up, I’ll bite.

Classes being broken for an entire expansion has always been a thing.

It is hard for people to understand that bugs are going to be there, but the amount of bugs Is what should concern. The earlier it releases, the more bugs we will see.

I think people are desperate because they want to leave BFA behind, myself included.

Personally, I’m using this time to collect transmog and mounts. I envision each of my characters with their transmog, their individual ground and flying mount, and I’m working towards obtaining them all, and it’s been fun.

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