If I RTB within 10 seconds,

I shouldn’t get the same roll.

I don’t care if “that’s not how dice work,” it’s a sheety experience to roll buried treasure three times in a row and I hate the entire spec because of it.

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I read this as “I don’t care how simple statistics work and I am outside of the standard deviation of intelligence in a bell curve”

See tossed in a little math joke too


Why are you being so rude to him? He’s not wrong - if we follow the bones animation it looks like each dice has one face with a buff and 5 with nothing. The odds of getting the same singular gave up with no change to any others 3-4x in a row is insane. If anything, statistically we should be getting a lot more 2-3 rolls than we do.

He is wrong. It’s random, there is a chance you can get all the buffs 20 times in a row however extremely unlikely. There is also a chance that when I take my clothes out of the dryer that they all happened to fall in the right way to fold them selfs. There is also a chance I can roll the same buff 3 times in a row which I did last night and it was frustrating.

It’s all chance, when they say a mount drop is 1/100 chance. That doesn’t mean if I kill a boss 100 drops I am guaranteed to get it. I could get 3 times in that 100 or none. Just because something is statically probable to happen doesn’t mean it will

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But you’re arguing altruistic logic (I roll a physical dice, this is what happens) against a digital solution designed to copy that (code rolls fake dice, code uses math to provide result). No one can argue probability in the real world, you’re absolutely right. But we all can (and should!) question whether or not code is working correctly.

For example, True Bearing single buffs make up 30-50% of my M+ run every time it seems and every time I yell at details for confirming it with me. That’s suspect and questionable. I also make sure to only get 5-rolls near the end of trash packs before boss dialogue scenes so it is completely wasted maybe…75% of the time - that’s just bad luck.

I get a large variety of rolls in different locations and circumstances. Random dice rolls has been able to be simulated on a computer for a long long time now. I think my calculator use to do it when I was in highschool (I am 30) or it was a website, I can’t remember.

I run a crapload of keys, visions and raids. I can honestly say I do not see a pattern more than the randomness that a RNG spec brings.

That’s why I like outlaw, each buff changes your play style a little

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Wow, you guys took this in a different direction.

I’m saying that there should be an additional mechanic for RTB that prevents you from getting the same roll if you reroll within 10 seconds. Essentially, the game should recognize that you rerolling that quickly is a sign that you do not want that buff right now, and you should get something different. Getting the same buff over and over is a bad EXPERIENCE, has nothing to do with probability.

I’m with the OP It’s a sheety design, bring back the original combat spec with Slice and Dice and we may have something to talk about that’s worth talking about.

Easy to say for you since you got lucky with probably the best Corruption rolls on your gear.

I’ve gotten a good piece last week, besides that I just keep getting void rituals. But nice try :kissing_heart:

At least I can post on my main while arguing on the forums

Okay, but still you got lucky and yet you won’t admit it’s a sheety design compared to how it used to be. Or , you just like Pirates :joy:

Or I enjoy gameplay that isn’t a simple rotation. if I was totally concerned about doing straight damage I would be playing assassination. At least with the outlaws random elements it makes it for a very dynamic gameplay. I play exclusively rogue during vanilla up to BC then took a break and I played pandaria to now. I have jumped around between all specializations of rogue. And I like this iteration of specialization

So why don’t you just post on your name stop hiding behind your Alt :slight_smile:

Or are you just some LFR hero?

You’re going to have to work to get me, cause I can see already that you’re toxic.

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Rerolling helps with reducing CD while fishing for best buff or duo. Dispatch hit like a noodle so it’s a meh.

Having said that, you should sim to determine if running LD will be more dps like for me atm.

I’m toxic? Lol I am just saying someone does not have a common understanding of probability and you attacked me while hiding on a forum ald

C- trolling dude lol

outlaw is automatically nerfed in hopes it can get a RTB roll worth while to make it at least even. I honestly stopped worrying about the rolls. I just play with what I am dealt, but I would rather have my power not scaled down because I might get a 5 roll. poor design. however, like I said, I just play through whatever roll I get and I do decent. but let’s be honest Zérgling you were being toxic and they took the bait. toxic regardless

You know it’s higher dps on single target to keep rolling when you get a bad roll, right? Re-roll logic depends a little on spec/traits, but it’s always higher overall dps to follow the reroll logic for your build. Unless ghe boss is literally about to die.

To others - i’ve recently made the change to Loaded Dice and Deeper Stratagem - it was simming slightly higher. It’s night and day, I hope LD never sims lower again. Often you can go from one Adren Rush to the next and just maintain 2+ buffs. This is how Outlaw should feel.

You also know that when you want on-demand dps you can pop Adren Rush, roll for guaranteed good buffs, and go to town. No more fluffing about or making do with a bad buff because the packs only going to live for 20 secs and you have Adren Rush and Blade Flurry up.

Good job getting your post reported.

Perhaps try being less toxic in the forums.

Oh and this is my rogue when I rogue. I’m not hiding or trying to hide.

Sure I’m not high level yet I’m very casual and have other priorities but I still have fun with the spec. Rtb however, just needs to go.

Reported on all your alts good job lol.

maybe if some people in this game have a basic understanding a simple probability, you wouldn’t have so many comical posts on the forums.

Mass report with your army of alts has a real great way to get a discussion going on a spec.

Roll the bone is an interesting ability, you obviously aren’t even max level with yet with your rope so you don’t understand how dynamic and game-changing it could be.I could go through and explain some of the nuances of the spec but might be a little over your head. If you want consistent damage then go assassination, even outlaw has slice and dice. Which is far from optimal but if you are a casual player then it shouldn’t be an issue

What? I think you are mistaken.

I don’t need to be max level to know that RTB sucks, you get it at level 45 or so and I’m over 100 . You’re being silly now.