If I clear a +15 this week do I get 475 loot in my cache?

Also, do Coelecsing Visions show up in your M+ Cache weekly now?

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I believe you do! And I think it can be corrupted too

But your key will scale down

Dunno jdot told me to get as high a key I can this week so I did a 16

Not 100% sure though. Hope I am right lol

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No. The upcoming chest will drop the same stuff it always has.

Oof. Oh well, pushing my key anyway because I have no life.

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I thought that was this week. Next week is supposed to do away with all the old stuff like titanforging and we start getting our residum?

I don’t care about the ilvl but the residum does matter for me lol

Edit: Def push your key. Even though that poster may be right about the loot, jdot is pretty high level player and I trust him when he said to do your highest key you can this week so get that +15!

Tuesdays chest will have S3 rewards because it was done in S3. The chest you open on the 28th will have S4 rewards because it was done during S4.


Your key will be 4 levels below the highest one you do this week. Otherwise it will be the same as the S3 chest you looted this week.

He says to do this because if you do a 19 this week you guarantee a 15 in your chest next week which will cap your weekly chest reward for completing it (in time or over time).


This. S4 starts Tuesday, 21 Jan, as the stickied thread in this very forum indicates:

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Gotcha! That’ll work for me

Why would you clear old content and get gear that isnt even the game yet?

Sorry ole wise one, I’ll never ask a question ever again.