If healers are worthless if they can be 1v1d

You can kill healers in vanilla but it takes alot longer.

Retail healers are gods and just one can make or break a BG.

If I feel like winning ill play resto. Otherwise ill play feral or boomy for fun.

Go back to classic :slight_smile:

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You’re telling me that vanilla druids/holy pal and trispec/healer priests are “easily” killable ? :joy:

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Take your illiterate self back to classic please.

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healers in TBC were more than gods lol what are you even talking about




Mages are not tanky at all, they rely on cc to survive (hence why Arcane is dead).
Rogues are heavily dependant on cds to survive, meaning when they use them to survive they won’t have them available to go for the kill (i.e. getting cc’d during burst because you used smoke bomb or CoS during a survival phase).
Warlocks are tanky but… they have one defensive cd (3 mins) and zero mobility, sure they can stand some punishment, but they won’t be allowed to dish damage im return.

Hpal versus arms warrior


Big dam judge. On a serious note though I do win most 1v1’s as a holy paladin unless I face unholy DK

They have a safeguard on 25 second cooldown. They also have cheat death built into the spec.

Rogues can also feint and potion every 30 seconds for 30% of their hp while taking reduced damage.

Warlocks are terrible kill targets until high dampening.

This is by far the tankiest those classes have ever been.


The cd on mage shield is bs, ill give you that. But cauterize is very unforgiving for a cheat death mechanic and it has existed for like 10 years now.

uhm, all healers cannot be 1v1’d easily in vanilla. disc is incredibly strong against everything but a druid. rsham and rdruid can livelord and beat classes that can’t 1 shot. Hpal plays some weird pvp build that makes them solid at 1v1. Healers in vanilla are WAY better 1v1 than healers on live. If dps on live couldn’t infinitely heal, then it would be a difference story obviously.

ye b try to kill a priest healer in classic 1v1, lmk how that goes

I feel like people are cheery picking when they’re talking about dps and the heals they have. Not even really saying you’re wrong, just feel like it’s a bit of a stretch to lump so many classes in like that.

ROFL what?
Your whole post right here shows complete lack of experience and ignorance in the current game.

Arcane isn’t dead though it’s still T1 it’s just mages have two other vastly more popular T1 specs too

They are incredibly durable because of the potency of barriers, wish I lived in the same world as you tbh would actually be enjoyable fighting mages

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roll classic rogue
kill every class en route to blackrock mountain with 0 opportunity for counterplay
think, “Why can’t retail be more like this for me?”
post about it

Never thought I would see the day where hunters couldn’t handle mages… I remember queuing up almost every xpac as disc/mage with my mage buddy and every time mm would pop up it was such a struggle haha.

Ya by design if hunters aren’t crushing mages something is very wrong lol

Jungle too was like a mages worse nightmare based on game mechanics but that’s in the past now xD

Rly tho if a hunter can’t kill a mage then what can lol

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Isn’t a lot of rogue damage in classic static damage and doesn’t scale well throughout the end of naxx? Not 100% sure but I thought evis doesn’t scale at all.

I just wonder if op will be solo’ing competent naxx geared healers.

Yeah it’s really sad… If mm could live right now, could they kill mages? Hunters have just lost waaaay too many tools… They used to be this daunting class for me. Seemed like they had so much they could do, and fighting a good hunter was always crazy haha.

Ah yes, the good old “I have the intellectual high ground because I say so” post.
Never fails to amuse.