If disc isnt buffed tomorrow I'm gonna

(Redxyz) #1

make an angry post on the forums

(Dillon) #2

Prolly won’t be brother, sorry to say

(Redxyz) #3

unforch :sob::sob::sob::sob:

(Stumblin) #4

but what if it is

(Redxyz) #5

then i thx them


what makes y’all think they’re even doing anything changes


They’ll probably be focused on Wintergrasp tomorrow.

(Veliina) #8

tbh i loved wintergrap, when the battles were even it felt sooo epic storming/defending a fortress.

(Zeo) #9

they are well represented. whats the issue?

(Shadina) #10

The only people playing disc right now are all people with comps like RMP at their disposal and they’re being taken for DA and DA alone. That’s the problem. Every other healer now goes with RMX better than disc because disc’s mana is nonexistent, has no defensive value (people die through pain sup like no biggie), other healers do more individual damage, and discipline has next to no recovery.

DA is the only reason anyone’s taking disc for anything because they just wanna mongo someone down with unhealable opener damage so they never get off the back foot. Without DA, Disc would be absolutely unplayable. It feels awful to play and is just bad in every way right now, which is why when the mana nerfs hit, everybody (Even non discs) were saying: “Uh, Blizz? Really? Disc too?” Etc.

Edit: Additionally, RMP is the only comp now disc can run. Hunters have fallen out of the meta largely, and this meta encourages running healers who have an easy time getting away and drinking. Disc will never get a drink off in arena because it has zero escape mechanics.

(Dillon) #11

Naw even this stuff isn’t really necessary DA isn’t very valuable either now. Can’t really play on a timer, comps are too tanky, etc.

There really is 0 reason to play with a disc, and honestly the discs that are high rated are actually just incredibly good while also just fighting teams that are essentially what feels like “boosted”. As the weeks of the season have gone on, it’s been a lot easier for people to adjust to fighting disc. First week Maledicts with DA as RMP was nice but now that doesn’t really have much value.

Discs best comps are ret hunter and rogue mage probably, but there’s no reason to play with disc over rdruid right now. Last week my team realized this and had better success with 30 minute Rdruid Ret Hunter than Disc version, now with more practice I’m 100% positive it’s so much better even for discs best comps to have a Rdruid.

You’re easily replaceable as disc and the only thing saving you on ladder is teams that are a lot higher than they should be just not even knowing how to react to offense tbh, but vs equally skilled players there’s 0 hope at all lol. Especially the moment people again get more gear - health pools just get higher while damage doesn’t scale with it much and your pressure becomes less valuable.

Plus you just oom super fast right now. On ladder only thing we’ve kind of been able to do is DA Schism Trinity Searing Light and use our defensive CDs extremely high because priest won’t really be able to atone heal enough even with all of that and just hope for the best. Don’t know if that strat works as RM either.


Disc will get nerfed again before it gets buffed. Disc has been my main since wotlk and every xpac it’s nerf after nerf. FeelsDiscMan