If combat add-ons we're banned like how SE does with FFVIX

Because it’s a slippery slope of an argument and can be applied to literally anything

Why are you against facts?


I’m not, I’m against bad faith arguments

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How is saying people who have disabilities play the game a bad faith argument?


because you’re using the disabled as a shield against criticism

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If you read anything at all about adaptive technologies for people who game, you will find that addons are a key part of that for WoW. This includes people like me who may have vision, hearing, mobility issues - being able to customize the interface to present the information in a way I can deal with is critical.

This is not a moral grandstanding issue.

Either Blizzard builds in that functionality to the game, changes the fights to not need it, or they allow addons that handle it.

There is a lot of great info out there on accessibility in gaming if you wish to look for it.

You are so very very wrong. I don’t even do group content at all. I have not done a raid when it was current since Cata.

I don’t need any shields. I am old. I don’t care what you think. I do care that others who want to play have the means to do so, and do so comfortably and well.

Example of info being provided to the Devs about use of addons for vision accessibility. The info is coming from the addon makers.


This is the kind of info Blizz needs to improve the default interface.


People who have disabilities may require additional tools to allow them to be on an equal footing to everyone else. I don’t see why this is contraversial or dodging criticism.

But if we want to get into criticism, I see you’ve done 24 2v2 games with a 50% win rate. You’ve done no mythic plusses. You’ve made huge progress of 10/11 in LFR. You don’t even play the game, what do you care if a disabled person like me is able to get AotC and KSM? It doesn’t affect you at all.

Kindly remain in your own lane.


good thing we won’t have to make that decision so who cares.

Perfect example. Using them as an impenetrable shield. Exactly my point. All it does is shut down all conversation.

You didn’t answer my question.

Kindly answer my question.


I do play the game. I just don’t currently push much current raid content I just resubbed. I didn’t like this xpac early on. There’s a ton of content in this game outside of that. I really don’t need to explain myself but you’re welcome I did. And I care because it negatively impacts the game. If you want more handicapped functionality Blizzard can add it themselves. But saying the whole game has to suffer for it is just silly.

They are already trying to

It won’t, the whole game will be made better for it, really wondering what parts of that you didn’t understand

Or are you one of those types that clicked away the moment you saw a rainbow shirt on screen?



Like I said, it’s a bad faith argument. There’s nothing I can say that will appease you because it’s a social impenetrable shield. Might as well just move on.

Yes, please do

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Please tell me all the ways that the tools that assist people with various disabilities hurts the game for everyone.


Get off your pedestal :roll_eyes:

I’m the one on a pedestal?

That’s some laughable projection right there


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Addons like the thread I linked do not make the game “suffer”. They do nothing to the game. They use existing data provided by Blizzard to display information differently, sometimes with audio alerts, etc.

They don’t impact anyone who does not want to use the addon. Addons don’t impact you and they improve the game for others.

If Blizzard were to build that into the game that would be great as well. Win win.

The idea that adding options for the UI somehow harms you, and is “moral grandstanding”, is just confusing to me.

If you don’t like addons, don’t use them. If you don’t want any possible inclusions into Blizzard games for accessability, then don’t use them.

Blizzard has a whole team now for accessability to help all the game devs with options to make the games more approachable. They have been making changes to their games just for this for a couple years now.

Good job Blizz, from my perspective. One of the things they have done that is right.


I bet the world looks pretty awesome through your eyes.

Yeah they designed the game around addons. That is why when i download and install the game it comes with all bells and whistles

Flat out wrong. Blizzard has admitted to designing the game in a race against addons.