If Blizzards goal is to get healers to stop playing

They are doing an incredible job at it. After todays notes that gutted Holy Priest again after already getting giganerfd I’m just done, I won’t be healing next season. a lot of healers I know either have already decided they aren’t going to heal next season or are seriously considering it. Well done Blizz


Yeah, I’ve never been less excited for a patch, and I played 9.1.


I like healing up to like, M+10.

Anything higher and without a group of players that know what they’re doing, and it’s a toss up if the run is going to be a complete cakewalk or a god damned nightmare in which you’re constantly behind because no one uses CC or interrupts and keeps failing mechanics and void zones while making sure to stand in 40yd triangles apart from each other (worse as an Evoker, but still a pain in the butt for most other healers).

It becomes more stressful than fun pretty quickly to me. Maybe I’d feel differently if I approached it more like Raiding and just went with specific people that I know are decent.

I do still enjoy Raid Healing in general. Feels like it has less random ups and downs than M+. But I don’t raid much these days. Not worth it.

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They nerfed Aug. Which needed some nerfs. But… they nerfed the support and gave nothing in return. So crap for damage and less support. Why does it even exist?

And they nerfed Preservation a bit.

And they’re nerfing tank mitigation again.


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It’s not all bad news, but yes there’s some nerfs coming with 10.2. Not sure if it’s a net positive. Some of the single-target “buffs” seem pretty good, but there’s a lot of “<- nerfs” too.

Maybe it’s a weird “implementation in the spaghetti code” thing, but the math on at least two of these reported changes are either typos or incompetence.

4/8 is the same as 6/12 (both are exactly 0.5), so what’s the intended change?

13/25 = 0.520 which is about the same as 18/35 = 0.514… if it’s an intended buff it’s only 1.2% relative change which is negligible enough to not have bothered mucking with the code and testing effort.

Technically the very last change to Echo of Light is the same healing but in less time, so I consider that a (minor) buff.

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IMO this is a terrible way to make tuning changes. Pontifex is unreliable and requires critical strikes on flash heal or heal between holy words, which is restrictive to optimize especially when using Miracle Worker, which gives you two charges of holy words. Adding Pontifex into the mix makes it suboptimal to use holy words back to back, now it is suboptimal by an even larger amount.

Sometimes, talents are unpopular because they are poorly designed and feel bad to play. You shouldn’t buff talents simply because they are unpopular.



Figure out why they’re unpopular and fix the root cause or come up with something new and well thought-out!