If AV premades were a problem against pugs, why is it acceptable in WSG?

I understand the AV premade issue was unfair to Horde players because of differences in queue times, but what I’d like to understand is, by the same logic, why are WSG premades allowed to face cross server pug groups. In every wsg pug I’ve joined, when a premade is encountered from the opposing faction the norm is to make an attempt at at least one kill streak and then afk as a ghost until the match has been completed.

What I’d like to see is a WSG system that puts premade groups of 5-6+ against other groups of 5-6+, and then honest pugs against other honest random pugs.

We all know that pugs are not optimized like premades are. We are not guaranteed a druid to carry the flag. There is no guarantee of healers. It is just a random mix of players looking to have a fun time in WSG.

I’m on a smaller server, and it isn’t always easy to LFG a pug.

On a second note: I would also love to see a ranking based system of match ups. Let warlords face generals and Knights face Blood Guards.

This is the new BGs problem. I hope it is also solved.


But it’s a 10m BG.

Even the smallest realms can muster up a decent group.

The problem might be that unfortunately you need to reach out and get in to groups. Kinda like what I have to do, but wont.

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We need threads where we talk to each other, because Blizzard doesn’t really exist anymore

It took them a whole month to make any AV changes

And that’s all they did. It probably took 30minutes of coding. That’s all they did in 1 month lol


After reset yesterday Horde were already in AV saying don’t join WSG … its nothing but Marshalls and legendaries… If you’re not gonna get into a organized ranking premade the higher ranks will be hard pressed now. Eventually all WSG will be premade vs premade, and chances are they will prob just trade wins because actual battles would kill honor per hour gains for them. Needless to say, life as a pugger or aka solo que dude, esp for alliance , not looking good.


In vanilla, originally, 40 man pre-mades were allowed within the rules, no side-stepping required.

This resulted in guild raid groups queing up, and that obviously and understandably ruined the BG.

I just want to have some fun PVPing, get some honor in the meanwhile, and have some epic battles.

This isn’t happening in BG solo Queue at all. I queue’d WSG for 4 hours today and every single game was a full premade with 2-3 healers, full buffs, consumables, multiple legendary weapons. It’s so tryhard that the “casual player base” ,aka people who solo queue, are quiting pvp altogether. I spent hours spamming trade chat trying to find or start a WSG premade group. No one wants to play besides the most tryhard and they already have their groups set.

I feel like making it premade vs premade would provide a great avenue to separate the no life tryhards with the people would just want to play and have fun. That’s what they wanted anyway by making their groups and discords, right?

IMHO the problem is the playerbase’s mentality. The tryhard rankers want to hit rank 14 no matter how they do it. Exploiting, Dodging, etc. I think blizzard should have made an example out of these

when they applied fixes to AV, But they wouldn’t put their foot down and say this is out right cheating because they’d be outing a large number of alliance players. So they applied a bandaid to the gushing wound and said “cya in another month.”


Really? Then i wonder where all these other changes/fixes come from - if you scroll to the bottom this is just the last 2 weeks.

Logic is a very interesting topic to bring up in this discussion.

This game is a MMO right? Blizzard has made several adjustments now to promote group play. No LFG, added a group Q for AV etc etc. Forming your own group to conquer obstacles is at the very core of the WoW gaming experience.

So what starts happening to the game when you implement diametrically opposing philosophies? Why must you be compelled to form a group for PVE and not PVP? Wouldn’t one assume it would be the same? Logically speaking of course the answer should be yes.

To that end I find it is only reasonable to remove the solo Q option from PVP thus removing the “LFG” mindset from BG’s while providing us with a unified and coherent gaming experience.

Stay Classy,

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WoW Classic

  • Alterac Valley
    • Spirit Guides in the starting caves now apply Honorless Target to the players they resurrect.
      • Developers’ note: We observed some behavior in Alterac Valley that can only be described as griefing—a violation of the In-Game Code of Conduct. If this had taken place in original WoW, it would have been seen as either a situation that needed to be fixed preventatively or a circumstance that called for account suspensions. We feel that the preventative solution is the more amicable one.

that’s the only classic change in the post?

Just limit queuing together to groups of 5 like on retail. Friends can still queue together without WSG turning into wanna be rated BGs like it is currently.

The reason it was a issue, was not because it was unfair to Horde players, it was unfair to Alliance pugs when the premade didnt join and the game started 10vs 40.

Wsg doesnt start 2 vs 10.

They will start and immediately prompt the message that there are not enough players and the battleground is ending in 5 minutes. This never happened in AV. It’s as if there was no minimum player count to cancel the bg.

Yes i know about Wsg and the lack of players alert. but with Av they have since fixed it to prevent it happening.

Was more just rebutting the op’s post and the bit i quoted.

I understand your goal is to vilify premades as much as possible, but when one battleground has a safeguard in place to end a game short on players and another doesn’t, it seems clear it’s something on Blizzards end as well.

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The current Av patch is a copy and paste of Vanilla. In vanilla there were Av premades but not on such a mass scale. Hence why it was never a major issue in Vanilla and the “short on players” never happen to the degree it did with the current classic experience.

hence the recent patch to fix the issue.

“We’re fixing a setting that allowed the battleground to start with as few as 20 players on a team.”

The only listed classic change’s sure - but you pay for access to 2 games - you may not care about one of them and thats on you. This is a list of changes they have made in the last 2 weeks - to both games that you pay for.

I don’t disagree that premades happened on a grander scale. My point is that when one battleground has a safeguard to end when there are not enough players and another doesn’t, it would indicate there was also a problem on blizzards side.

I see you edited your post while I was replying.

it’s only one dev team now?!?


You thought classic had the resources of retail/shadowlands?

I love this idea. Wsg is ruining it’s fun and it’s a total lack of blizzards attention to the game. They stay hands off, but also keep their minds blind to the reality that they are ruining the experience for people. We are just looking to have fun in wsg against randoms and get paired against 10 rank 13 players. I mean come on.