If all races are playable, what would you be? (And Class)

Void elf dk. Zandalari dk.

They’re literally just High Elves that renamed themselves after they left the Alliance. That’s like if I were to forsake Caucasians and said I’m now Blocasian.

Sure. I might be categorized differently, but biologically I’m still Caucasian.

And no, Nyshant. You’re wrong. Even if I’m exposed to radiation or some element. I’m still Caucasian


Uh… fine? i guess you might be able to get that recognized if you get enough people to go along with you. “Caucasian” is just an attempt to cram every “white” ethnicity into the same racial box anyway. Even the people most closely related to the original Caucasians, who still live in the Caucasus of Asia today (e.g. Arabs and Jews) typically do not self-identify as white, or even recognize each other as belonging to the same ethnic group.

Those who write our history books would also like to sweep the fact that there used to be intense racial strife between Irishmen, Britons, and Germans under the rug, because it doesn’t fit their postmodern narrative of PoC-exclusive victimhood.


Forsaken Lich King.

I hear there is an open position…

Blood Elf Priest.

I just like how the aesthetic combines with the class. Always have.


Titan rogue. Planet sized being sneaking up on you and stabbing you in the back.


High elf archer, like Alleria, obviously.


High Elf Mage, Priest, or Hunter (Ranger). Three of the classic high elven archetypes from pre-WoW Warcraft.


Yes. Except the bow users did not use pets. Maybe hunter is so popular it could be split into pet using hunters and non-pet-using archers?

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So they’re MM hunters that spec’d into Lone Wolf. :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s indeed what I did, but Blizz admits that lone wolf takes a hit in utility relative to normal specs.

More realistically, I think Blizz could eliminate the pet from marksman.

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I would be a Hozen Rogue for damn sure.

Sneaky dooker

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A Nightborne Warrior if they actually had a good model.

But, alas they don’t, and I far prefer the Zandalari story and model! So… I guess my dream WoW Character is just a Zandalari Warrior! Which means my dreams have come true!

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A murloc demon hunter!

Always wanted to be one since I saw that NPC help me with a Legion WQ in Stormheim.

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Eredar Warlock
I would just walk around spamming this spell


Talent for two pets and have two Llamas named Dolly and Dot.

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Night Elf paladin!


I would want to be a Dark Ranger Murloc… The dream.

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Not so much actually…

WoW doesn’t have genetics so much. They were on a cosmology scale more than a biology scale…

Like, the difference between a Void Elf and a Blood Elf is a lot of Shadow energy.

Sin’dorei are currently infused with more fel magic, hence the glowie green eyes. Though now they’re being purified by the sunwell so some have golden eyes.

So, in so far as any of the Elven species are different from eachother, Quel’dorei and Sin’dorei are actually different kind of elves now.

Otherwise, you could say that Sin’dorei and Fel’blood Elves are the same race.