Idol of Yogg-Saron

Currently leveling a Shadow Priest through dungeons and I noticed that the Idol of Yogg-Saron stacks drop off when engaging in boss fights. Is this a bug or a feature?

In my opinion it’s extremely annoying when I have 20+ stacks already after clearing trash and I suddenly lose them all when a boss is engaged.

It’s a known issue that’s been around for months. Many have reported it on the Beta Forums for Priest, but Devs haven’t stated whether or not it’s intended or a bug.

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Thank you so much for the info. :smiling_face: Hopefully it IS a bug they will yet fix before the expansion’s out.

Even when fixed you’ll find the biggest problem with Yogg is you’ll get near 25 stacks but realize you have multiple pulls before the boss. So then you have a choice, you can stop casting all spells that generate shadows or go ahead and DPS knowing your cool pet will probably pop out and possibly stand around doing nothing.

Not a very positive way for a Capstone talent to function imo.

It’s been fixed on Beta for about a week.


On my shadow priest, I have the misery talent and it was working great until yesterdays update (11/15//2022). Now, when I cast vampiric touch it does not always apply shadow word pain like it did previously to yesterdays patch. Sometimes it applies only vampiric touch and sometimes it only applies shadow word pain. Sometimes it applies both like it is supposed to. Also when I try to recast vampiric touch to reapply both DoTs, it will only add the missing DoT on a different timer. (Example, vampiric touch only gets added, then i recast and it adds shadow word pain but does not refresh the timer on vampiric touch). Another issue is that Devouring plague does not always get applied to the target but it always spends the insanity, whether it applies to the target or not. Again, I have never had this issue until yesterday. It effects shadow crash as well. Usually shadow crash will add vampiric touch and shadow word pain to all targets in the aoe; now it adds both to some targets, then maybe vampiric touch to a target, then maybe just shadow word pain to another target. Sometimes it works as intended and adds both DoTs to all targets in the aoe. Is this a bug or working as intended? Does it have to do with me being a lower level and spells missing the target? I am now level 58, but I was running the dungeon with General Kaal in it, cant remember the name and lots of the dots i was casting were just not being applied to several targets. Please help! I love SP but this is very disheartening.

Thank you guys

Just did some testing to make sure. Misery works with every cast of VT and Crash is applying VT which in turn is working with Misery as intended. DP is being applied with every cast even casts from MD procs.

Check your talents to make sure you actually have Misery slotted. Also there are multiple NPCs that can cleanse, eat, or shield from negative effects like dots.

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Maybe this is the issue? I have never had the problem before and then I entered a dungeon and it seemed like several DoTs were not being applied on several occasions. I did see a “Miss” floating text when I tried to apply one of my devouring plagues on the final boss. So there may be several instances where dots dont get applied in dungeons? I guess ive never paid attention to that before.

If you are seeing Miss on applying your spells this is most likely an ability of an NPC you are trying to cast on.