IDKP Coming Soon. Your Replacement To GDKPing

I know its hard to read but the explanation from blizzard themselves states:

What exactly constitutes a “gold bid” or GDKP raid?

  • We’re defining GDKP as any raid or dungeon run where items are awarded in exchange for gold. Please note that we have multiple detection methods for GDKP that are effective both inside and outside of dungeon or raid instances.

Pretty clearly defines it as gold transactions only


No they can ban you anytime they want, if they feel you are doing something illicit that you know you shouldn’t be doing they will ban you.

You don’t have any laws or rights its a video game EULA not a criminal case.


I am just pointing out the obvious things here that if they want to actually ban it there needs to be some added abiquity to what is considered a transaction for an item.

So if you are buying an item with any in-game currency(items gold etc) that would be the correct way to word what they are banning

And the definition has to do with reversible bans prior to it being bannable has to do with?..

Nothing, that’s right because your point is idiotic.

I mean technically it does say explicitly gold for items. If the community can find an item that is a store of value then technically it should not violate the rules. And knowing Blizzard, almost certainly the dispersion of gold is what triggers their automation.

What is a suitable store of value though? Lots of commodities fluctuate in value wildly.

This very narrow definition of gold they stated @ GDKP in Season of Discovery

Is small thinking that people will exploit is what im pointing out

it was in reply to a guy saying youll be banned for it even tho its not against TOS as currently stated.

but continue

The real limiter is finding an item with enough supply to use as a currency but useful enough to hold its value.

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Good grief, are we seriously going there?

Anything to game the system and not play as intended.

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hehe seems like a lot of hassle, but I actually kinda hope it comes to this…

A currency that is evidently worth a good amount of gold (being their new Crypto) and watch the market crash when it’s flooded with GDKPers trying to cash out on a GDKP run. (Or maybe give it a little push myself when I find out what the common crypto currency is…)

Just bringing up whats already floating out there before it becomes prevalent

They will ban you if they feel that items you trade is just another commodity that is a gold equivalent…

It is their game … you pay to access it. The onky thing they lose is customers … You lose all the time you invested in the account

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Fantasy. If it isn’t banned, then it isn’t banned.

A barter system is much more involved, volatile, and would scare away most of the lazy population. It wouldn’t be nearly as prolific.

Trading items like that would not be as easy as you think.

Because you cant use just one item it will
A) tank in value
B) only have one set increment

And people arent going to have bags full of various prices items on them to trade

I’m sure they will find away. The point is it to make it difficult.

I vote Salt; stacks in lots of 20, and has a fixed sell value…but should have a variable purchase value based on Reputation.

I’d make sure of it if I could.

And the value of gold fluctuates as well, so is it really that much different if people started trading in, idk, pearls?

Just depends on the volatility. If there’s an item we know vendors for X and has limited uses such that it’s mostly vendor trash, as long as enough supply remains in circulation it’s fine. It only becomes a problem as a medium of exchange if enough people cash out such that you can’t continue to complete trasactions.

For instance, if there are like, bear teeth that vendor for 50s we could use bear teeth as a medium of exchange and as long as we continue to have enough bear teeth to continue to conduct trades then we can use bear teeth as a substitute.

classic sweats always find a way.