Idk where to post this at but I'm having major problems with the Roster tab on all my toons in any guild

Whenever I go to roster when I’m in a guild and then go to achievement points at the top right and then click on professions and try to find my toons that have a profession for some unknown reason the professions thing will automatically go back to achievement points and it makes me mad :frowning: it’s been doing this for a long time and i dont how to fix or anything :frowning: can i get some help ?

Start with this to rule out a corrupt display file or misbehaving addon, and we can proceed from there.


i disabled all my addons and tried it again and still the same problem and i reinstalled wow like a week ago after having it on my main hard drive and i put it on an external hard drive and it still does it. its been doing this for a very very long time and its annoying as hell :frowning: it happens no matter what guild im in :frowning:

Follow the steps in the article I linked. Disabling them isn’t the same thing. If it is an addon, the damage it caused won’t be undone that easy.

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its janis i uninstalled twitch and deleted all my addons and it still does it :frowning:

are you removing the cache and WTF folders too?

And are you deleting the interface folder entirely or just the addons within?

Have you tried accessing the guild options through the old menu?

Type /groster and see if that works better.


just the addons and no i havent done that kyzera ill try it right now

ty it worked kyzera :slight_smile:


You’re welcome.

Great to hear it helped.


thanks i think its the bfa version that doesnt like my account :frowning:

is there a way to change the guild thing to look like the old one ?

Technically speaking, going through the /groster command goes specifically to the guild panel. Tapping J brings up an entirely different system called Communities. You could fiddle around with your keybinds if you don’t use the Communities at all.


oh ok i just made a macro /groster since i hate the new bfa version of the guild roster

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