Ideas for Frost

*Give us Splitting Ice, Comet Storm baseline.
*Water Elemental Baseline.
*Thermal Void, Icy Propulsion Baseline
*Redesign Frozen orb, Having our damage whiff or have mobs get moved out of our damage feels bad. Make it tether to the middle of packs, so mobs can’t move out of it or just give it upfront damage like Arcane orb.
*Get rid of Ice Nova if it’s going to literally do 0 damage.
*Bone Chilling is a boring talent.
*Half of our tree is obsolete for an entire expansion. Just feels sh**ty.
*Make Ray of Frost a pvp talent, buff it or get rid of it.
*Why is glacial spike so bad?! Might as well get rid of it.
*Give us something new…
*What if their were 5 versions of a spell like in Diablo.
*Ice Floes seems cool. We will never pick it over shimmer.



Splitting Ice should be baseline, and stronger. Frost had its niche stolen years ago and we now don’t really exist. CmS would also be nice, or it could just be made a competitive talent.
Welly is baseline, but we never use it because LW is stronger. Either buff Welly or push us to a rotation that doesn’t have 70% of our damage come from instant casts.
Remove both TV and IP while making IV actually worth using. Requiring 100% uptime on IV is gross.
FOrb either needs to have the reticule pvp placement, or just spawn on our target. It is broken and Blizz never tried to fix it.
IN needs love. Either up the damage, or up the freeze on it and make it a pvp talent.
BC isn’t the only boring talent. LW, GI, FT, CR, FW, IW… These new 10.0 trees have a lot of work to be done.
I’d like to see RoP get a proper buff, or just make it like the old Water Jet. It was a fun talent when it worked.
GS needs a proper buff, and have it either behave as 100% crit or 0% crit so it doesn’t entirely rely on the RNG of BF.
Ice Floes is fine. I’ll take it over Shimmer any day.

But yeah, with everything they have in D3 there are so many things they could easily be stealing that are great ideas. It’s actually sad when looter-shooters design better Frost Mages than an RPG…

Splitting ice can’t be baseline, it would wreck cc in PvP.

I agree that comet storm should be baseline, and I think ring of frost should be baseline for frostmages only. Why does fire get to talent it and yet frost has to use a whole talent point in it when frost is frosts specialty.

I agree also, ice nova needs a buff. Don’t remove it though, it’s one of the only abilities aside from pet that can range shatter comet storm. Important in PvP. Some mages still use ice nova in PvP. I usually don’t but sometimes you will see Venturi and others play it. It does need a buff though.

We should just be able to place Frozen Orb.

They just need to make it so it doesn’t hit targets out of combat or in breakable CC.

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*I like glacial spike. I would rather see it receive a bit of a buff. The mechanic of building up 5 icicles and unleashing a big hit is also alot more fun imo.

*Frozen orb I could take or leave it, if it was completely removed I wouldn’t be too bothered tbh.

*Shimmer should be baseline, we’ll see what happens when we get the new Dragonflight talent trees.

Since glacial spike has such a long build up, it should automatically crit without shatter.


True, they should make RoF baseline for Frost spec.

I’ve been saying this since they introduced it. What better way to smooth out the numbers, balance the talent and make it not rely entirely on an RNG proc than to treat it like its own spell with 100% crit rate? Sure, it devalues crit a little but you’d still want that for every one of your other spells.

Seriously, if Blizz is even remotely interested in fixing the various Mage specs they just need to scour the forums from the past 8 years to see what worked and what needs fixing. Not like these forums haven’t been making viable solutions to major problems (such as proc munching) for the better part of a decade…

[Chaos Bolt] treatment: Crit chance increases its damage, thus not devaluing crit anymore.

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