Idea to close gap between 2h and dw frost

  1. can put 2 runes on 2h weapons
  2. up rppm of km with a 2h to match dw
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Don’t think this will be an issue. It’s already normalised to only depend on your haste and crit values.

at the moment 2h km rppm is behind dw

why would that be the case?

idk i dont make the game you can test it yourself

What were your results when you tested it?

just auto attacking a dummy dw (20%haste 34%crit) had 70%-85% uptime
and 2h (18%haste 33%crit) had 45%-60% uptime
was auto attacking for a few mins

In Alpha or in Bfa?

bfa but have heard alpha has the same issue

This is an idea from another Dk How about combing Razorice and Fallen Crusader into one rune. So it will apply the stacking frost debuff and have the chance for fallen crusader to proc. That would help give 2h both runes that dw will be using so there wouldn’t be a dps loss to not being able to use both runes.

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Forgive me if im wrong here. But by combining them or be able to put both Runes on a 2h would probably still slightly favor dw since they can stack razorice faster and proc crusader a little faster? I am not sure about that at all, just thinking out loud. Still would probably make the dps difference in regard of runeforging so small that it wouldnt be noticable so yeah its a good suggestion

Not if they made the rune specifically for use only by 2h weapons. So that way it couldn’t be used by dw. That would solve the dw getting both runes and 2h only getting one.


beaing able to put 2 runes an a 2h would be better as you will be able to mix and match the new runes

@vedist fair enough. They will never be perfectly equal but the smaller dps difference the better!

@Chillman i mean bigger weapon more room for Runes so why not ? Would fall perfectly in line with the Player Agency theme blizz are rolling atm.

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I would imagine the best path to take (for blizz) is just making a new tune that combines the two. You only get one runeforge, you get both effects, and there isn’t another layer of balancing for DKs with the ability to combine different runes.

this would only be for frost to balance between dw and 2h

that would only bind Frost to fallen crusader.

I think the better approach would be linking razorice passively to 2h via might of the frozen wastes again.

That said, that still is not enough to close the gap between 2h and DW. DW scales better also in terms of auto attack damage. Strikes are also equal in damage to one another now that abilities are attack power based and not weapon % based. This means obliterate from a DW and 2h do the same damage just not split into 2 numbers.

Technically yes, but practically no. Sure, Dual-wield autos are faster, but both weapon type are going to get their first hit at the same time at the start of a fight, and three-ish of your initial stacks at the start of a fight come from pressing Obliterate, so the last stack being a little slower is pretty negligible. And in AoE/cleave, it gets applied via Frostscythe, so no issues there.

Fallen Crusader’s proc is normalized off weapon speed, so baseline the weapon type doesn’t matter. There are only two things that would make it favor dual-wield, which is if dual-wield ends up taking a sizable chunk more Haste than a two-hand build, or the fact that our off-hand hits for our specials never miss (which is partly why we put Fallen Crusader there, for the slightly higher proc rate), The later’s impact fluctuates based on total ability output, so generally higher impact at the end of the expansion, and less impact at the start. The former is something we’ll have to wait and see.

Ultimately though, the double rune idea likely wouldn’t be super problematic balance-wise.

Alright thank you!

Maybe DW has 2 weapons and can proc KM off of both weapons while 2h just has one, and a faster base swing timer of 2.6 seconds for DW over 3.6 for 2h. More attacks means more chances.

PPM is also used to determine a proc chance per swing. Crit and haste just increase the number of chances you have.