Idea - Classic "Prequel" Based on WC2

It could rely heavily on classic terrain and general mechanics to lessen required dev time. It would have very similar feel and style to Classic. Reverse zones like the Plaguelands to pre-WC3 lore, to look more like Hillbrad, etc. Maybe level cap of 30 for first patch, with potential for increase, perhaps with final “expansion” being Classic which would change the terrain to Classic and increase level cap to 60.

Mageweave could be the highest cloth or something, all of those items etc. are already in place.

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I’ve always wanted them to do leap back expansions. LOTRO has managed to do so! Once or twice I think! It’d be interesting.

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It would basically be Humans, Dwarfs and High Elves for Alliance and Orcs, Trolls and Ogres for Horde.

It could be pretty interesting. The lore wasn’t so busted back then so the story would probably be decent


That’s what you think. It was the jailer the whole time. :clown_face:

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