I'd rather have sinful brand back than be forced into playing momentum/movement builds

I’ve spent a few hours on PTR messing around with builds. I’m going to assume the immolation build doesn’t work at all(immolation aura doesn’t give you a buff OR do damage) because realz has no intention of making it viable anyway.

So that leaves basically throw glaive build and a movement based build with essence break.

Well the TG build is complete trash. Even when speccing into it, having tier, and doing AOE…TG seems to do around 4% of your damage. So that only leaves 1 build. The same build we’ve had all DF. How can that be, after a “rework?”

Had I known at the end of SL that this would the only viable build…I wouldn’t have complained so much about sinful brand.

You know you’re in a bad spot when you miss sinful brand builds.

That’s all. Thanks.


Honestly, same.


Replace kyrian sigil with sinful brand plz bliz.

I played kyrian in PvP in shadowlands and like it, the slow speed cast made casters hate me.