I'd be happy to heal

But full haste resto druid is completely nonviable. Why is mastery weighted so heavily for rdruid?

Mastery makes heals heal more.

Bigger heals = less regrowth hard casts

Less regrowth hard casts = more time to drink

More mana = more heals

Resto Druid: The Circle of Life


Let me rephrase. I know why, I’m just complaining and wish mastery wasn’t so much better.

I’d like to off-spec heal to cap my boomy since boomy ques are insane (was in one for 45 mins and they didn’t even bother giving me an estimated wait time anymore lol), but resto feels unplayable with so little mastery.

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Haste resto is fine to play. It’s just you’re going to have to play way more aggro than you necessarily need to since you don’t have the throughput passively.

If you really want to gigachad it, just go full crafted gear and only play haste/mast. Can’t lose if you can’t die.

Also tldr; If you don’t like casting clone, vers/mast boomy is fine to play. Just pump damage. You actually aren’t required to have haste anymore as a boomy. It’s just a really nice stat to have that makes you feel good inside.


Yea I’ve tried both heavy mastery and heavy haste boomy - I’m a sucker for big surges but have come to find heavy haste feeling sooo much better. Ah well, maybe in season 4 I’ll go that direction to start the season :confused:

Just go full haste/mast boomy. W key all game and dont look back.

It’s the only true way to play anymore since blizzard refuses to let games go to a second set of CDs anymore.


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Please teach me what im doing wrong on boomie lol seems like every game people just train me into bear form insta.

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You’re gonna get swapped to alot once they see how squishy you are lol

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Ya but they can’t swap to you if you one shot. Don’t be weird.

Teach blizzard their mistakes by zugging things down.

TLDR; It’s all I do.


same thing with paladins. holy pallys want crit. ret wants everything else. if you wanna play fw u gotta stack haste which ww doesnt want.

youd think blizz would incentivize the least played roles to use the stats the dps specs stack to encourage more toe the water moments


what is funny is that in pve, rdruids spam only haste.

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orig i was gonna jus stack mast and go healbot, but vault keeps giving me haste

and honestly, i dont think i can go back now with how much better shifting feels

Kind of lost on why haste is important in your eyes. I do think it’s kind of odd, as someone who mained resto druid from tbc up to the beginning of df, that now u don’t want to stack a ton of haste. That’s been the go to stat since haste was even a thing. However it never really changed how you play the drood if you didn’t have a ton of haste. Nothing different now. I will admit though I absolutely hate resto droods this expansion. I’ve always had a blast at playing one and it just doesn’t feel good to me now. I know there’s a ton of great resto droods out there but I just can’t get into it. Either way stack haste to the sky if u like. It honestly prolly won’t make you any less of a healer unless your pushing high lvl mythics or mythic raiding. Maybe have some mana consumption issues in heroic raids but you’ll do fine either way.

Update: You weren’t wrong. Bought green weapon on my alt feral/resto with max mastery, the pumpage is real lmao. Doesn’t feel as “fun” or fluid to play…but I can’t complain about the damage.

Yeah it’s not as fluid but if big number makes you smile its the way to do it.

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Don’t top rdruid play haste/mastery with no vers?