Ichabod questions

Having a hard time finding solid info about this guy.

On the 28th (after 3pm) I did a prime sub and then a 5 dollar paid sub to a wow streamer.

I haven’t heard anything yet, and the twitch “drops and rewards” window doesn’t show anything about ichabod at all.

Do prime subs work? Is there a way to check your progress to get this pet on twitch? I later read on the wow page that if the wow streamer isn’t currently live streaming, the subs won’t count (/boggle), and I’m honestly not sure if they were actively streaming when I did the sub(s) or not.

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As far as what I have seen mentioned, the Prime subs don’t work. You need to purchase 2 subs that go out to the current stream watchers. It also cannot be done anonymously. When I did mine, I just purchased 2 subs that went out to the community. The system then randomly picked 2 people watching the stream and gave the subs to them.

Screenshot of my purchase in the stream chat:

I then received notice of the Ichabod pet in my Twitch notifications.



I gifted two subs too Hazel about 12 hrs ago and nothing is showing up in my claim window…anyone got any ideas whats going on …

Was she actively streaming at the time? You have to gift it while they’re streaming, or it doesn’t count.


ahh dang it no she wasn’t sigh…thanks Amayita…guess I’ll give her two more :)…she’ll still get the subs though won’t she?

She will, but I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news ^^’

No worry she is streaming right now brought two more got the pet now…everything is good…


Yeah I got the pet - instantly, after doing a second paid (non-prime) sub.

So prime definitely didn’t work.


Did you sub yourself and get the pet or were they gifts?

I’m 90% sure they were gifts.

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I subbed, got my code, entered my code, all good. But when I go in game, no sign of my Ichabod.

(Update: I ended up receiving it in game a couple of hours later. I second that Prime does not work, they have to be paid subscriptions ! :slight_smile: )

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