Icelandic Cowards

I love how Icelandic Lotus farmers are so bad that they have to have a buddy buddy system just to pick the lotus. 1vs1 they run and call for help, 2vs1 and they fight and laugh… 2v2 they get stomped.
Ill be waiting in silithus 1v1 me (mageusmile, Cheroba and that garbage shaman whose name isn’t worth remembering.)
Be in any spec you want and I will still beat you in a PvE spec.

I challenge mak’gora.


LOL…I was showing the resto Shaman all the spawns. I’m sorry you feel so mad, bro. It’s just a video game. :slight_smile: We’re pvping over pixels. I got you this time, you got me last time. That’s how the game works. <3

Let me know where you want to 1v1.

I’m not mad… i actually love pvp… Its just fun talking s**t sometimes. I look forward to our future confrontations!
Death to the horde

@Foxx I waited for you today and didn’t see you, so we just locked up Silithus for 12 hours, Burning Steppes for 6 hours, and EPL for 4 hours this afternoon and evening. I have to assume you’re scared of a pve spec-ed/geared resto druid beating you again.

All my love and affection,


i have been leveling a druid alt so i can fight you and destroy you at your own class… It was nice killing you in silithus and BS today. I’m happy to see that you actually engaged me this time :). Ill have to withdrawal my coward accusation

Even more love and affection

No worries. My task was to keep you busy as we were picking lotus at Twilight Center. :slight_smile: So, task accomplished.

I really do enjoy the duels. I appreciate that you go all out popping your Timbermaw trinket, resetting to put on your Barov’s, etc. It’s actually super fun to test myself against it.

More love and affection to members of family,