Icecrown Horde Reconnections

Dicerz/Slicerz Undead/Troll Rogue

Played in ‘Ace’ - I remember ‘Indomitable’, ‘Fatmas United’, ‘Dream’

Looking for Ruq/Suq, Hiddenstrike/Steel, Wickedmama/Miscreant


Studler! I’m really hoping to reconnect with some Epilogue folks… So many of my best memories of this game are from that guild. I’m hoping it’s not wishful thinking that Hawkeye/Lovecraft resubbed at some point but I know he deleted his chars.

A few of us are rolling on Whitemane Horde - Sokrates, Bohr, Khamol, Azimov, possibly Gainus… and some new friends we have made over the years.

I still talk to LC quite often. He has been true to his word; he deleted all his characters and has never looked back.

I didn’t even resub until the beginning of this year after like a 12-year hiatus. I’m on Zul’jin playing with my wife (she was Morguesimson in Epi) and a group of people we met while playing SWTOR.

(Edit: This is still Crudler. This rogue is my main now.)

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ya I did haha 19 undead twink warrior

Sup Crudler!
Hope you and Morgue are doing well.

I Started with Pyros at launch with Shadows of Iron Phoenix.
Hey Tabmow! I think Felgore is still around as well.

Then joined and raided with Epilogue for a long time. Great to see some of those old friends like you and Sokrates on here.
Sokrates, you were the man. Hell, you probably still are. Just the old man now :slight_smile:
lol how many times did we rebuild that guild?

Great times and great people to run with. Saw all the important classic content with you all and still think fondly of it. Haven’t really had that kind of gaming experience since.
I will def be back for classic, but in a pretty casual fashion.

Any of the original Vocus crew still around?

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I played Fuzzywuzzy, tauren shaman, I was in Shock for a time… I think zygore sounds familiar was he a warrior?

Yo Pyros! We’re doing very well! Hope the same for you.

We rebuilt that guild far too many times. I considered adding a line to my original post stating “people I don’t need to meet back up with: Bittar and Deadrights.” :rofl:

When we beat Nefarian for the first time is still the greatest moment I’ve ever experienced in a MMO.

i never got into 19 twinks but i am Dote from The Girl Scouts and i remember seeing you around

omg the girl scouts sounds sooo familiar…

we were the 29 twink guild haha

ohhh yeah I was in that guild! duh, koqlocked my rogue and I think this priest too, that I accidentally leveled out of 19’s, I was Koq, but everyone hated me so bad in 19s that I battled against, I got reported so much on my name, I had to do a name change, they also got my 19 twink guild name banned too short bus riders… lol we were pretty hated by alliance.

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lol yeah then SBR became Skill Brings Respect. I wasn’t a huge fan of that new name lol.

Eww, I didn’t even know that, don’t look at me I had nothing to do with that, that’s a horrible name. lol

Horde for life! pew pew lazers!

(disregard the fact I made Treva a dwarf years back)

I was originally Icecrown before transferring around to other realms that never felt like home.

  • Wildras, Undead Warlock
  • Guilds I raided with: Wraith, Dark Predators
  • Most active: Late vanilla, BC, WotlK

Some of the people I remember raiding with:

  • Lovitar (Shadow Priest)
  • Pumpkinbread (Warlock)
  • Meugly (Druid)

I remember you, Tabmow. I played a paladin named Leoguard and you helped me get my level 20 paladin quest spear. Good to see you’re still out there!

Yes, Zygore was an Orc Warrior!

Rigermortus, undead rogue that ran around with Roq and Soq.

Raided with Epi for a little while. Was officer in Ivangrozny’s guild that merged with Aurelius guild that eventually merged with Epi.
Talk with Kkurm from time to time. Follow both on FB. Ivan lives in hometown but he’s def never coming back. Left with Aurelius and then bounced around, now I’m in Horde for Life guild on Wyrmrest Accord server. Remember old AB and AV. AV youd be in there for hours. ./wave (Traenok - Orc Shaman was main and still is)