I wonder if the prophecies of the Maw Walker is

Is Us, the player, or Sylvanas, the original Maw Walker.

Hmm anyone know where we can see these prophecies that Tal-Galan spoke about?

Who cares shadowlands is non-canon anyway.

Source Am from the future and you dont need me to say that as my proof because my proof lies in literally blizzard retconning Chronicles 1 2 and 3 after it came out.


If it was Sylvanas it would be the Blah Walker

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The Simp Walker

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While I really hope it isn’t Sylvanas, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was.


Considering Sylvanas ‘originally’ got the ability to leave the maw thanks to the Val’kyr; the rabbit hole might just keep going.


how? Chronicles is from the the POV of a titan follower not from the Titans themselves…I don’t see how Shadowlands retcon that.


well I don’t know about that. I just read the grimoire and the broker who wrote it pointed out that the Maw Walkers (Us, players) are not, in fact, the original maw walkers. Then again, the book isn’t that insightful as the Brokers seems to be at the same sort of lost we are in the Shadowlands story.

But then again, maybe it could be the Primus since he had a way of going to the Maw and leaving the Maw as well. Then again, the First Ones put up portals in the maw so who knows?

Makes me wonder if the waystone would have reacted to her at all. Maybe its the connection to the waystone we have makes us the “Maw Walker”?

That Broker thinks Death is the best. Sylvanas is all about Death. So I think by the time the expansion is finished he’ll be praising her.